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  1. Ive been working at ups for a year and a half worked hard busted my ass and with a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: load of luck got a RTD Job passed my road test Friday and got DOT phys. In the morning. I go to driving school in two weeks. What is the RTD pay rate I've been told it's different from off the street temps. Also will I be getting paid while in driving school if so at what pay rate. Also any advice or pointers for driving school and/or RTD driving would be much appreciated.
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    Sounds like you have your companies crossed. An RTD (Ramp Transport Driver) works for FedEx Express driving semis. A Feeder Driver operates semis at UPS. Troll?
  3. In our hub RTD Is ready to drive I drive 6 months out of the year then 6 months back in the sort it's a seasonal driver for peak season mainly I'm not a troll I just thought terminology was the same for all ups hubs
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    My bad. Looks like we share acronyms.
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    The correct acronym is TCD. Temporary Cover Driver. If you're not a permanent full time driver and you're a cover driver you're a TCD.
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    If you want to know the rate break out you contract and read it. As Tootechie has said your are called a TCD or your a troll.
  7. Didn't get a contract input my name on the list got called in filled out paper work and application for delivery driver started my Igate classes on the computer had a road test the next day that's all that has happened I go in the morning for my DOT physical and I start driving school the second week of October that's all I know
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    In the north west it's 24.60 an hour.
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    RTD stands for Regular Temporary Driver and has been in our supplement as long as I've been with the company.
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    You want to be a seasonal driver?
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    $21.13 here the contact states it is 75% of the top rate.. Which somehow it was the top rate at the beginning of the contract in '08. When ever the new contract goes in it should go up to about $24 something. I got paid $21.13 when I went to Integrad plus overtime.