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    our morning air shuttle driver is also a full time driver. can the company have him deliver packages and show those packages on another driver so he does not count as a driver for the day. instead they are saying he is a "runner". they are doing this to keep from putting a route in. can they do this???:dissapointed::dissapointed:
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    Sounds kind of shady.....
  3. bumped

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    Is he getting his top pay that he would normally get as being a driver? If yes, then its apparently OK. They can skew the numbers anyway they want to then.
  4. Bubblehead

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    This is blatant dishonesty, plain and simple, and it's not OK.
    The driver they are dumping the records on to will show being in two place at once.
    There will also be an "electronic signature" of the manager that combined the records.
    It's called falsifying records and if you have the stones and can prove it, and I just told you how, somebody will have some explaining to do.
    Go get 'em kid, I would and I have.
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    I have seen CMs fired for trying to hide a route. Blatant dishonesty.
  6. The Blackadder

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    If he is making stops under another drives name then I would be worried if I was the other driver.

    If a package goes missing they are going to come after the person whose name it is under.

    We had a center manager using laid off drivers and claiming they were taken out late airs but had them making bulk stops under another drivers name. That center manager is no longer with us.
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    He is telling the truth Ruth.
  8. neverfastenough

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    the "shuttle" "helper" driver is making one stop. it is a bulk stop that has on average 150 pkgs. he scans them and gets the sig and then shuttles out two more bulk stops and meets those drivers. those 150 pkgs will end up on the driver that delivers the rest of that area. if he dlvrd 350 pkgs himself on the recap the next morning it will show that he dlvrd 500.
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    That center manager is no longer with us isn't the proper way to say it. The proper way to put it is "he's no longer with the firm".
  10. Bubblehead

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    Again that's dishonest.
    They are falsifying records and will be dealt with if exposed.
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    Do you work in my building? That sounds like what our air driver does, but..........

    He's part-time!

    Welcome to my world. The buildings or outlying centers in east/west bumf*** are continuously breaking the rules. My local union does nothing about it. If you grieve, they terrorize you. If you call the union(because they will not show up to see for themselves), they say stand up for the union and grieve. I don't see them standing up and showing their fat hamburger filled faces. Can you tell I am mad?
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    Call the international if you need the # pm me.
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    A manager and two sups were fired for listing the deliveries of a porter as being done by other drivers. This is in the Central states area.
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    "Make a new plan, Stan.

    Slip out the back, Jack..."
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    Nice to meet you.
  18. UnsurePost

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    this has been going on in our ctr for 2 months.
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    I was told it's called fudging lol
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    Menotyou--- it's time to vote them out. that is why ups do what
    they do, there no fight in centers like yours .