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    Hi all,

    I'm considering applying for a package handler position at the Rocklin, CA hub. If anyone has experience working at this location, I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions. :)

    Thank you!
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    Ask your questions if they're not location-specific and we'll do our best to answer.
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    ​Thank you.

    Is there flexibility in the shift schedule for package handlers? (this particular position is the sunrise (4:00am - 8:45am)
    - Does the shift start and end at the same time for everyone?
    - Is it possible to work only 4 days or is 5 days required?

    I'd like to see if I could make it work with my existing work schedule.

    In regards to promotional opportunities, from reading this forum, I understand that it can take many years to be eligible for a driver position. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the Rocklin hub, specifically. I'd guess that it may take longer than other larger hubs in the area.

    Thanks again!
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    - Start times are typically assigned by work group; some locations deploy staggered starts in which more senior employees start earlier and more junior employees start later. That said, we're talking about a 30-minute spread; that is, the difference between the time the first person & last person is expected to start is typically fewer than 30 minutes (and often 15-20). There may be an outlier here or there, but it will include positions not involving you.

    - Actual shift start times will vary by building. Where I'm at, our first group of employees starts between 4:00AM and 4:30AM, depending on the day (start times reflect the day's projected volume -- more volume equates into earlier starts). It's fairly consistent year-round, with the exception of three to five weeks surrounding the Holiday season (in which we typically start around 2AM -- but as early as 12:30AM the week before Christmas). Please note that other locations may start as early as 3AM, while others as late as 5:30AM.

    - UPS is not a flexible workplace. You're expected to be to work on-time everyday at your scheduled start. If you inquire, you may occasionally (a few times per year, if that) be granted some flexibility ... but your absence requires the company to hire another employee, so don't expect it.

    Driving isn't a promotional opportunity. No matter where you're at, I'd expect to work PT roughly a decade before being eligible for driving -- that's especially true with the Teamsters giving UPS greater flexibility. That said, you will be eligible for seasonal driving opportunities. In my location, employees can do it six months per year as soon as they hire in (nobody wants to do it really... it pays $16.10/hour, which is less than half what a FT driver earns).

    In terms of true promotional opportunities, you'll be eligible to go into PT supervision with a year. If you're interested in FT management, talk to your HR rep once you earn a degree.
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    No, if you read job postings from UPS for package handler it boasts about flexible schedules but it's a straight-up lie. You are at their mercy. You can't leave until they tell you that you can go, which usually won't be until the work is done.

    Yes and no. The sort will usually start at the same time everyday, or in some cases it will change daily, sometimes by only 5 minutes difference so they can try to save a buck. Sometimes loaders will start after the unloaders, and sometimes there will be staggered start times for specific people but that isn't based on your needs--it is solely based on their needs and seniority in some cases.

    No, aside from when they don't need you and offer you to take the day off unpaid, everyone is scheduled for 5 days.

    Driver isn't a promotion per se, it's a bid you win based solely on seniority and contingent upon your ability to pass a road test, background check, driver history check, ability to get a DOT medical card and pass driver school.

    As far as promotions go, they aren't really better than hourly. Part-time supervisors make more hourly initially but pay a lot for crappy benefits, get shìt on by the managers and rarely get made full time sup. If they do succeed in getting to full time sup, they are just puppets and don't have any real decision making abilities, get treated poorly by most center managers and also pay a lot for crappy benefits.

    At the end of our tentative contract, most drivers will make over $37 per hour at top pay.
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    I'm not the grinch when I say this, but truly ask yourself this question. Do you see yourself working at UPS until you retire? Or are you looking at UPS, so you can finish school and then find something better? UPS has it's pros and a lot of cons. I honestly couldn't see myself starting out this day in age at 8.50 an hour, while you get hounded by every management member that strolls by you. Granted their are some, and I stress the word "some", good management out there. If you're lucky enough to have a supervisor who cares, than UPS can be pretty enjoyable. But if you have one that "goes ape" every time something happens, then the stress can really build up over time.

    As far as being flexible with schedules, I know some people who get away with it at times, but most do not. They are mostly required to work Monday Through Friday. As far as the start times go, it can be anywhere from 3 am to 4:30 am (depending on hub size/location etc etc). My hub for example, has a different start time each day, they seem to go on a spree where they MUST change it, even if it's 5 minutes. But that's another story!

    Anyway, if you choose UPS, then I wish you the very best experience, and just remember stress is not worth it. :D.
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    Thank you for the feedback, everyone. I appreciate it greatly!