Sacrifices you've had to make as a driver

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    What kind of family sacrifices have you had to make to deliver packages? I'm thinking about the T-ball games, Little League games, dance recitals and everything else that I'm going to miss. Have you found ways to work around them and be there? Do you spend every last moment with your kids when your not at work?

    I'm just thinking about the 10-12 hour days and wondering how you can still be there for the important moments in your kids lives?

    I dont mean to be a downer. I'm just wondering how I'm going to pull it off when I have a young family. Watching the LLWS has made me think about this.
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    Make every moment that you can spend with them special. The kids will appreciate the events that you are able to attend. When my kids were in high school and playing sports I would often take my lunch while watching one of their games or I would work through my lunch to get done early to be able to make an evening event.

    You already know that you won't be able to make everything. Make those that you can and make them special.
  3. pick your vacation time wisely. it's is a bummer to miss out on many if not all your kids games and plays and stuff because of UPS. sometimes my 8 hour request gets answered and I am able to make it in time. sometimes an option-day needs to be used. some routes can be burned through with some help from a driver near you to do a late pick or what-not, along with skipping lunch. we do make good money for what we do and the sacrifices we make aswell but then there are times when it also does not matter how much we get paid.

    just use your option-days and vacations for family time and make the most of the weekends because your kids will not stay little very long.

    my fear is finding a strang pair of shoes under my bed or underwear that is not mine in the laundry or someone from next door saying "why is there a pool guy at your house all the time and you do not have a pool?".

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    The sacrifices are there, however, so are the rewards. Live in a nice neighborhood, 6 weeks vacation, wife gets to stay home with the kids....Its easy to think about what we dont have, rather than think about what we do.
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    Any job that pays well will be demanding, that's part of the deal. When people find out I get 7 paid weeks off a year I don't get too much sympathy....
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    Thats the way I see it. You just have to accept the fact that you probably aren't going to get home before 8PM. It used to be that I could hustle all day and get off early, but thanks to telematics, that doesn't happen anymore. This company doesn't care about people in operations having any kind of a normal family life. I no longer recommend this company as a good place to work. I'm lucky in a way that my two sons are grown up. The money and benefits are good, but it comes at a steep price.
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    we do the same for less money (on the purple side) ; that's why i'll just be a summertime temp driver and maybe during peak time only from now on while looking for another job
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    Sacrifice................Lets see, Divorce, no relationship what so ever with my kids during the wee, except phone calls. Never home early on Friday nights. Missed the first day of school, Get 2 weeks vacatio in the summer so that kinda of cool but its just a week and everything feels rushed. 12 hours a day everyday 5 days a week, the money is nice me kids live well and have nice things, but they don't see me when it counts sometimes.
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    Are you Popeye, by chance?
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    But were does she stay when they're in school, LoL.
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    that is a true statement.30years with brown.i am retired now from brown.i work in a grocery store.alot of people i work with would make about 2 days.'
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    My first was born in 94 and she was asleep when I left for work and asleep when I got home. I said enough of that and went feeder in 95 and although I have to choose the late hours I`m home everyday when the kids are up and it makes all the difference.
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    Are you working because you are bored?
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    Since the age of 16 my whole life has been a sacrifice. UPS was just one more piece of the puzzle.
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    to many people when they retire do nothing.i have gained 30 pounds.some gain more that don't work.plu its an extra income.the way prices are today i couldn't afford not to work.
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    hd, I want you to take what I am about to write in the manner that I intend, which is to educate our younger members. In no way I am trying to disrespect you. Anyone who is able to work here for 30 years deserves all of our respect. Dave.

    The above post by hd is exactly why it is so essential to properly plan for retirement, both financially and mentally. Mental preparation involves having a plan of what to do with all of your free time. My daughter asked me the other day what I am going to do when I retire as she knows how bored I can be if I don't have a plan. It is hard to go from a structured lifestyle dominated by work to one with no time clock. It is essential to have a life outside of work so that when the day comes you will be able to smoothly transition in to the next part of your life. Financial planning is much more than making sure the union has your direct deposit information for your pension. Depending on your union local, your pension may vary from as low as $2K per month to as high as $5K or more. The pension should not be the sole source of your retirement income, although in my case it will be the major portion ($5K/month). As UPSers we have access to a variety of investment vehicles, to include the 401k and DSPP, to supplement our pensions. With two kids I do realize that it is not always easy to contribute to our 401k's but it is possible to contribute while maintaining the same take home pay--all you have to do is adjust your withholdings. The more you contribute the higher your withholdings should be. Contributions to your 401k come right off of the top of your yearly pay when doing your taxes which reduces your tax bill. Investments within your 401k are an individual choice based upon your level of risk but should be focused on more stable choices as you near retirement. Finally, for those of us 50 or over there is a "catch-up" feature which allows us to invest an additional $5K/year in our 401k's. The catch up when coupled with the IRS mandated contribution limit ($16.5K for 2011) means you can contribute up to $21.5K each year.

    You may laugh, but AARP has some excellent information on preparing for retirement.

    To answer my daughter's question, I have several ideas for my retirement years. First, I love numbers and will take a tax preparation class. We have a local group that does taxes for free and I would like to volunteer. Second, I have always wanted to learn how to play golf. Third, I have always wanted to learn how to fly an airplane and plan on getting my private pilot license.

    Retirement is our reward for 30 (or more) years of service. It is essential that you properly plan for retirement or you may end up as a Walmart greeter. Dave.
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    We retired & moved to a +55 community. All the people here seem to immediately hire landscape people for backyard maintenance (front is done for us). Hubby is probably the only one on the street who moved with all his tools and guy stuff. He takes care of the lawn, garden, etc. He also painted the house this year. Everybody comes to him when they need a basic tool or a small fix at their house. . . . . . . .plus, he golfs 4 days a week. He keeps very busy. This community walks a lot............I know because I watch them.
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    I dream of the day I can retire and move into one of those communities. If I never see another teenager in my life it won't break my heart.