Sad Accident for Fedex

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by over9five, Jul 12, 2011.

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    That is so sad! I wish the best to all the families involved.
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    The more they study it the more they are finding that driving when tried is as bad and maybe worse then driving when drunk, think about that next time you are on your 3 straight 11 hour day, in 100 plus heat.. Safety first.
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    Depends. Who chose to run the driver for his third straight 11 hour day in 100 degree heat? The driver or the dispatcher? I love how the AOT`s (dispatch clerks) arbitrarily toss out "You have hours available, I need you to stay and do another run" as if having worked 12 hours was no different than working 2.
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    Sad to see such a bad accident, but it's no secret how FEDEX Ground runs out here !! They blow by me in snowstorms out on I 84 some nights !! I 84 is one of the most dangerous roads in New England...What a shame.
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    Agreed. I always feel bad for the on call guys. Nights, afternoons, and early morning coverage. All in the same week. 10 hrs off is often times not enough. It has come to be accepted in much the same way resident doctors work 36 hrs straight. It needs to be addressed because it is a safety risk.
    Even on a regular schedule the forced "extra trip" can be dangerous. Some nights I'm not tired at all and don't mind, other nights its all I can do get back and stay awake.

    Bottom line is we are responsible for our own safety. If you are too tired, then say so. They will figure out a way to move the load. And always make sleep and rest your number one priority. Took me awhile to learn that, because it always seems like something needs to be done. Fact is working 12 hr days means most " things" need to be done on the weekend.