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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by helenofcalifornia, Aug 4, 2006.

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    What do other centers require their drivers to do monthly regarding safety committees? At our center every driver has to do a computer quiz on 2 sections of some part of driver safety and at least 50% of our drivers have to do a stupid written test that takes a minimum of 1/2 hour. I don't care if I am being paid to do it-after 9-10 hours of driving I want to go home.
  2. scratch

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    We used to do the monthly written test that had the answers on the back, but that seems to have stopped for now. We still have a Safety Committee, although I am not on it. We do finish up our PCM's with a Safety Tip, with a couple of DIAD messages during the day. Right now drinking water and Gatorade is being pushed, with a ice-filled tub of these in the morning. The other morning, the Center Manager told us to "start your day by drinking!", and I thought, well thats usually how I lke to finish it!:lol:
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    Our safety committees do some pretty cool things like follow drivers on their routes to check their methods with a so called anonymous punch list with no names attached. Well the short of it is, our B.A was :censored2: off, really :censored2: off and said the safety committee is no more. The job of safety snitch must go up for bid! People please don't ever agree to do something like this.
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    Good ole Joe...speaking of which, are any of the other centers out there having drivers fall out left and right due to the extreme heat? We're averaging about 1.5 drivers per day having to be taken to the hospital due to dehydration and/or heat exhaustion.
  5. Good to see threads concerning employee safety. The Safety of all UPS employees should be the most important. I would think questions and quizes should be condition of employment. Injuries can cause permanent damage that can effect someone for the rest of their life. Automobile accidents can change lives drastically. Employee involvement is the best tool we have today.
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    We have to stand with our feet together,tilt our head back and touch the tip of our nose with your finger. Wait,are you talkin about UPS?
  7. rod

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    safety committee? Isn't that a club for brown nosers?
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    I call them the "Safety Gestapo".
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    We have a monthly written test on handling hazmats, over 70’s, and the 5 safe driving phrases. The sup usually places the test in your mail slot and expects it back in a couple of days. Instructions are to complete it on road or start 15 minutes early and complete it in building. We were all required to complete the online testing by coming in an hour early in seniority order.

    We suffered through excessive heat this past week, indexes of 115-118. The company showed their concern by cutting routes and laying off 3-4 drivers a day. One new hire became ill on his 3rd day and had to be relieved.
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    It just makes good sence to load every route up, that way there are less drivers to worry about getting heat exaustion, and they have some spares in case someone falls over dead.
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    We have safety groups and UPS does not follow thru on any of the problems that are found. They have it just to show OSHA that they look like they are doing something.We have a problem with the pkg cars are rearended while parked for delivery.It is the drivers fault always,the suggestion was for brighter tail lights[older cars] .it was ok`d by building manager 2 years ago ,we are still waiting. Just one example
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    I call it, "If your gonna put me on the clock for 27.19 an hour, Im there."
  13. rushfan

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    We haven't had a safety meeting, or safety questions for a long time. Our management team was canned recently.
  14. switchoff

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    Please enlighten us...WHY was your mgnt team fired? Give us all the dirty details. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH MUAHAHAHAHA
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    I didn't start this thread intending to promote safety (though of course it is a great idea). It's just that didn't UPS say that safety is NUMBER 1 in their concerns and it sure doesn't seem that way to me. These safety quizzes are rammed down our throats ad nauseum. Everfyone is bored to tears with it and too tired to come in early or stay after work to do the tests. Paid or not. I was wondering if it is the same program nationwide or is it some District Manager locally trying to stand out. Any management types with input out there?
  16. yeldarb

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    I heard some management were fired in Idaho for falsifying timecards in the last little while.
  17. As one of those "types" i can say unfortunately you are not alone. The safety com's in most cases, still have drivers that really do care about what safety means to their "brothers and sisters" around them. Unfortunately it has become, in large part, a paper pushing BS routine to satisfy OSHA. Tests with the answers given, OH cmon who are we fooling. It is a sad joke!!!! For what its worth, their are still some of us "types" that are loyal to what Jim Casey intended this company to be!
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    That seems to be the logic where I am at too!:confused:1
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    Yeah, Jim Casey wouldn't like alot of what goes down now. I haven't seen a policy book around in the last five years. I used to think it was brainwashing BS but it's looking better and better now. So safety committees do not follow a national guideline, right? It's been pretty much a kneejerk reaction to OSHA as I see it.
  20. over9five

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    Why doesn't the safety committee work to bring the paid day down during a heat wave?

    Why doesn't the safety committee do something about the sucky package car defrosters?

    Why doesn't the safety committee make sure there is a fan in every car?

    Why doesn't the safety committee do anything important????