Safety first Right?

browned out

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Every center has a couple or few trucks that should be crushed into a cube and scrapped. We have two 10 cubes that have steering radius that would hardly get around a NASCAR track. Shelves falling apart, engine compartment caught on fire. DVIR book reads like a diary of crap.

Anyway, to the point
These trucks were to be replaced with two new 10 cube automatic diesels. Turns out the HUB is holding these diesels to look pretty for the 100 year celebration.

Meanwhile; I get a 2 way to go help a swing driver whose truck broke down. I help him and ask him what happen. He was driving on of these piece of :censored2: and the brakes went out. Imagine if he would have run over a kid. He would have been fired and UPS would have pushed the "rest of the story" under the Brown rug.

Safety first; what a load of brown:tongue_sm


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Funny you mention that , at our building when a big-wig comes around the carwash comes around and shines with armor-all all the tires visable on the cars in the line ups....would this be considered "brown nosing"? or since we are brown is there another term that comes to mind?:w00t:BC


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When its a safety issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont hesitate, act now. Its not worth it. I have said this before, who ever is involved they must have enough(MEATBALLS) common sense to tackle an issue of this nature"HEAD ON". When I was a shop stewart I would take these young drivers under my wing(so to speak)discipleship. I realized I was the Bald Eagle(substract the no hear, lol) that needed to look over them. Iam old school and with that I think everyone should stand up for themselves, BUT, I should never forget I once was young myself and less wise and strong. I would have them(younger or weaker drivers) ride my coat tails(in a sense) in doing battle. Its not always pleasant(battle),but it has to be done... Thats what the earlier Teamsters members had to do. Good luck and carry on my friend.
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