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    Does article 18 sec. 20.1 cover vehicle safety issues? And is that the article to grieve regarding such issues. Article 18 is pretty vague and we have a vehicle that has been getting written up for the same issue for several months. Nothing gets done with this vehicle or the mechanic says there is nothing wrong. A driver was splashed in the face and chest with fuel while filling up and this is what has been constantly written about the vehicle. (fuel neck problems)
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    Have the driver demand to be taken to the ER the next time it happens and miss a few days which will make it a DART injury. While filling out the report make sure the vehicle defect is mentioned. See if that helps.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would think a simple solution would be a piece of plastic with :censored2: the size of the fuel nozzle which would be placed over the nozzle while fueling.
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    File the Art 18.

    Hope he doesn't get any in his eyes. That truck needs red tagged until fixed.

    That's an EPA issue as well if it ends up on the ground.
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    Make sure you park on someones new cobblestone driveway so UPS has to pay for the repairs. You wrote it up so your ass has been covered.
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    Yeah but they will say you shouldn't of been in that driveway in the first place.
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    Ask the Orion system.
  8. Future

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    Take concern to Safety mgr asap....Tell Mechanic sup.....Tell center manager ...Tell District Mgr.......Huge safety issue....someone should care...huge liability for the company
  9. Future

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    Is that in compliance with DOT rules??
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have no idea but it sure beats the hell out of having fuel splash on your hands and face.
  11. Future

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    Simply put that truck should be red tagged today....Huge safety concern for driver....and huge liability for company