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    To My Fellow UPS Workers,

    The purpose of this discussion thread is not to gripe or complain about conditions at UPS, UPS management, the Union, or anything at all relating to working at UPS. The sole purpose of this discussion thread is to discuss the following work-related issue with other employees as an initial step in engaging in some concerted activity to bring this issue up to the company as a group.

    It is my hope that by addressing this issue in concert we not only be working for our own mutual aid, protection and improved working conditions, but we will be working for the benefit of any and all coworkers that may have been adversely affected by this issue.

    In a recent post in a discussion thread here on the BC the bumpers at the end of the extendos were brought up as a safety concern. The safety concern was that according to the person that over 50% of these safety devices were not functioning.

    In my opinion, if this is true this is a sign of a significant over sight by the maintenance department.

    Does anyone have similar experiences where these bumper switches( also called tape switches)?

    The bypassing of safety controls and safety features of a piece of equipment is a significant safety violation.

    Anyone with experience of thoughts about this issue?

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    *yaaaaaawn*... *sigh*...
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    Didn't you already do this subject?

    ​IF there has been shortcuts made they should be reported to OSHA.
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    "If there's a problem then report it. "