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    Why does UPS insist on promoting the lie that the company actually cares about safety? Here in my neck of the woods, New York, with all the routes getting slashed, drivers are going out with an extra 30 to 35 stops in areas we are not familiar with. This is causing us to work 10 hour days, if not more, in the dead of winter. Does this sound safe? Driving in the dark, bad roads due to weather, in an area you are not familiar with for the sake of saving some bucks? Working 50 hours a week is not exactly the best remedy for a healthy body, not to mention the mental strain. We had a brutal snow storm a week ago that dispatch was well aware of so what do they do. you got it. Cut routes. Then these geniuses wonder why the injury and accident rates are both up. Ever hear of something called a correlation. Go ahead, look up that big word, see what it means. From this point on, anything and everything that comes out of supervisions mouths regarding safety will be disposed of in the recycle bin ASAP. If someone gets hurt, I hope they sue the living crap out of UPS. Hell, I'll even testify in their behalf in court. After all, UPS loves their money and the only way for them to see their misguided thinking is to take a hit of a couple million a couple of times.
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    The weather conditions in my center mirror those in yours and our injury/accident rate is not adversely affected by the weather. We are told not to put ourselves in to situations which we are unsure of and to use EC for those deliveries which we feel that we cannot safely attempt, We are also asked to do all that we can to contact the consignee to see if there is an alternate address that we can deliver the pkg to. The center will also establish curfew times to ensure that we all get off the road in time for our P/U pkgs to make service. I agree with you that at times their logic stupifies me as they also cut routes here knowing full well we have a storm due that day. Yes, it would make sense IMO to perhaps add a route or two and get us all off the road at a reasonable time but we both know that there will still be those drivers who will stay out regardless of whether they were given help or not. If the center knew that the drivers would go out, deliver, and then bring it in they may be more likely to add a route or two during a storm.
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    Bottom line, it is your responsibility to work safe.
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    Check out this thread.
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    Safety training is UPS's way of placing any responsibility squarely on you. :wink2:
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    Total Caranage has it right. I am a swing driver but have run the same route since April. For one reason or another in the last month I have not driven the same vehicle 2 days in a row. I spoke with the center manager about this and said I thought this was unsafe. My reasoning is every day we are told to make the "methods" a habit. How can I make my "routine" a habit if I have no reasonable expectation of how my equipment will react on a day to day basis. Not to mention my AM time is over as I have to resupply every car I drive. Cutting out routes so there are plenty of cars. Dispatch who assigns cars is not doing there job.
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    just curious. Where, exactly, do you feel the responsibility for YOU working safely should be placed?
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    Good job on keeping supplies in your car. Most swing drivers just get in the car without a pre-trip and ramble off to the route.
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    You really don't understand his point? UPS trains us how to do the job safely in order to reduce or eliminate injuries (a good thing even though it may have nothing to do with compassion but definitely has everything to with economics) but also, and this is important, to reduce their liability if you get hurt.

    If you get hurt running off stops, it's your fault. If you get hurt picking up packages the wrong way, it's your fault. If you get hurt doing anything and you are not using UPS' safety methods it is your fault. This sounds totally reasonable, and it is. The problem is not only does UPS expect you to work safely, they also expect you to work at a pace that is not conducive to safety. In fact, I am of firm belief from 21 years experience with the company holding multiple job titles, it is nearly impossible to perform any UPS job using the methods they provide and do it in the time that is allotted you.

    What does that mean? A lot of employess will skip methods they feel hinder their meeting UPS' unrealistic production goals. Especially if they are being harrassed over production.

    Now I said it was nearly impossible to reach both UPS' safety and production goals simultaneously. For those that try, the speed in which you have to work to attain the goal is such that you can easily stress your body (or mind) to the point where even doing the job using the correct methods can cause the body to break down and an injury can occur.

    What should employees do? Use the methods no matter if you meet production goals or not. Remember, the UPS' system is setup with production goals that are not reasonable, on purpose, in essence setting everyone of us up for failure no matter how hard we try. I think it was Jim Casey who made a statement about always being dissatified with our performance so that we constantly strive to improve it.

    Think of it in terms of the speed limit. The government sets the limit at say 65, because they think everyone will do 75, which is what the government really found to be a reasonable limit in the first place. But now they have the bonus of being able to ticket people now and than to produce revenue. They never ticket enough to really slow everyone down, just enough to prove that the limit is real and they can arbitrarily enforce it any time they want.

    It is the same with I.E.'s numbers. If it takes, say 10 minutes to do a pre-trip, they give us 5. They know it takes 10 in the real world but by raising the expectation they make sure you will do the job as fast as you can. The bonus is they can always harrass you because you are not fast enough even though they know you could never be fast enough. Well, unless you simply don't do the pre-trip in the first place! Now you have met your production goal and also assumed complete liability for not doing the job safely. The company wins either way except for the fact that the vehicle is not inspected. The customer will be the loser if your truck breaks down and they don't get their delivery on time!

    Until UPS changes corporate policy from one that expects their employees to take advantage of them if the company doesn't express constant dissatisfaction with our performance, to one that understands that most employees do try to do their best and will be motivated even more when the production goals they are expected to meet actually can be met and are rewarded and congratulated for meeting them, until we change from negative reinforcement to positive, we will always have a problem making UPS a safe place to work.
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    The company is responsible for it's employees to work safe. If the company has been negligent in it's responsibility, they are financial liable for any and all losses accrued. Safety is first because of magnitude of the liability at UPS and every other company out there.
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    Originally Posted by brownIEman
    just curious. Where, exactly, do you feel the responsibility for YOU working safely should be placed?

    Now that was a weasel reply if I ever saw one.
    Planning on being a politician? :wink2:
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    It's sad but true!
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    JIMJIMMYJANE, My god man have you spent the last 21 years doing all the methods wrong just so you can prove a point!! If you spent as much time on your methods as you did on that long rambling post you might actually accomplish something. Get over it, what ever is bothering you LET IT GO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD..........
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    Occasionally there are posts on this forum that are so profilic, so profound and so accurate that they approach monumental. Your post (#9) is one of those.
    Your posts closely rivals one by dilligaf in which she said, in essence, that the company teaches people how to cheat on the DIAD and then, on a whim, will fire them for that cheating.

    Both are/were well said!
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    I agree with you. Their own company handbook states that employees are provided the same tools everyday or something to that effect. Every truck is difffernt in how it stops, turns, shifts, play in the steering wheel, so on and so forth. They need to keep us in the same truck and stop playing games or being ignorant.
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    errr......I was not insinuating that we are not supposed to be safe, I was simply stating that the company is covering it's :censored2: by safety training us to death. This way they have a leg to stand on when it comes down to brass tacks in a law suit situation. :wink2:
    We are responsible for working safely provided we are placed in a safe working environment.
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    trickpony1 and stevetheupsguy, y'all are making me blush :blushing2:. Thank you for the compliment :happy2:.

    And dragon, um, well, er, alrighty then :speechless2:.
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    Day after day, week after week, month after month, I read your ego maniacal crap. Make a point without dangling a leg on each side of the fence for a change. Normally I just ignore your posts as much as possible but today being home sick I find myself over exposed. I think your avatar says it all, a Red Sox fan from New York.

    Hey Red, can I get an amen?
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    awesome read....well said