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  1. JCrown

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    I was told that to attain seniority (aka, not get fired) I need to memorize a sheet I was given during training.

    The sheet details the 8 keys to lifting and lowering, 5 to prevent slips and falls, hand to surface, and a slew of other things that I can't quite remember.

    I was under the impression that this "test" I would get would be in Q&A format, aka "What are the 8 keys...?" etc.

    Instead my sup came to me on thursday and just said you ready for your test? Go.

    And I was expected to have the whole sheet memorized in order, verbatim, without receiving prompts.

    I couldn't do that. :/

    Anyway, point of my post is, does anyone have this sheet I'm talking about, and are they willing to share what's on it? Or just remember the sheet I'm talking about, and think they've got it memorized? I don't have it anymore, and I've got till monday to memorize it.
  2. you aint even know it

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    I bet upstate have an extra copy of it, let him photocopy it to you.
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  3. oldngray

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    You gotta memorize it and spout it back at them at least until you obtain seniority. Even drivers have to answer those questions. And you DO need to know it pretty much word for word. And drivers have even more of that kind of garbage to memorize.
  4. joeboodog

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    In order to be safe all you haveto do is repeat verbatim all their safety lists. Forget about working safe as long as you have a great memory.
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  5. RandomDrone

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    I think I have to do this test soon and while the guidelines on the little sheet they give you aren't bad, it's just a joke to think that us loaders could do every package like that and still come anywhere near the packages per hour expected of us. The safety stuff is just a liability shield for the company so if you do injure yourself, they can say "This worker was properly trained in safe techniques, look at this paperwork!". Anyways... better make sure I have that sheet memorized!
  6. JCrown

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    I 100% agree that safety is a joke, I spent half of a day using my hook, bending at the knees, and asking for help with heavy packages (I get over 90's in one of my cars). The only response I got was my sup came and told me I needed to go faster, and that he saw me wasting a lot of time "Scrambling for my hook, and distracting other preloaders".

    None-the-less, I do have to memorize this thing to get in the union.


    Do you have the sheet nearby, and would you be willing to take a picture and upload it, or type out what it says here?

    I just need a copy to learn from by monday!
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  8. BigUnionGuy

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    Seniority employees can volunteer to do it....

    But, it's not a condition of continued employment.

    Where have you been ??

  9. oldngray

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    Seniority employes still get DOK about once a month. Doesn't matter if they fail. My point was they still get hassled by it (not that it really matters) but a new employee has to learn that garbage until they obtain seniority.
  10. BigUnionGuy

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    Like 3 years ago....

    Maybe certain area's.... still jump thru hoops.

    Newbies.... are required to do anything.... until they gain seniority.

  11. kingOFchester

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    My center manager says he can take you off the road for not knowing the DOK. He said he will be glad to pay you 8 hours to sit in a room memorizing the DOK.
  12. 5 slips and falls.
    Walk, do not run. Establish firm footing. Do not step on rollers, belts, moving parts. Watch/look at where you step. Adjust for changing conditions.

    The 3 D's. Designated area, designated walkway, designated doors.

    Secure belts you should know. Where to go in case of evacuation is building dependant. Packages on fire, leaking etc you should know. Treat it like a hazmat, warn everyone around you, get a supervisor and leave the area. Hazmats go on the floor secured by packages or similar hazmats. different hazmats should be seperate. and a partidge in a pear tree.
  13. TooTechie

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    That's nuts. As a part timer the only DOK "quizzes" I ran into were like twice by brand new part time sups and by the safety committee members.
  14. Basic things like evacuation, stopping a belt, hazmat packages, and a few more things are essential. Spouting the expected answer of DOK answers does not relate to actual safety awareness and performance (and we all know that under certain conditions we have to violate these conditions). The essence is that personnel on the belt is aware of the hazards and acts accordingly, and informs the responsible part-time sup of the prevailing conditions, so that he cen protect his personnel.
  15. IMHO, responses to the DOK questionnaire are in no way related to the actual awareness and prevention of safety hazards encountered by subordinated personnel, especially new ones and seasonal ones. IMHO, what matters more, is what the belt supervisor takes care of so that his personnel is not exposed unneessarily encountered to safety hazards (and that begins with the little straps left on a platform or plain plastic bags leading to slips and falls). And this begins with proper lining up of pacjage cars (no gaps) and ending with removing all kinds of potential safety hazards during the loading activities. Have seen too much, and IMHO, was able to remove those hazards.
  16. JCrown

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    In case anyone needs the sheet I'm talking about, which at the top states it's specifically for PRELOAD; Boxline-to-Car Seniority Approval, I've got the sheet, it says:

    Just in case anyone ever needs to memorize this stuff! Also helps me to remember by typing it out.
  17. joeboodog

    joeboodog good people drink good beer

    I remember I had to memorize sequence numbers and load charts to qualify for preload. But that was in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
  18. HBGPreloader

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    Or center had little orange flash cards with the 8 keys on one side and the 5 on the other.
    Although we're grilled about them on a regular basis, I know many who did not know them all and still attained seniority.
    The other stuff I'm not too concerned about because it seems that they keep changing those rules.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I am starting 25 minutes early on Thursday so that I can recite the DOK. Easiest 25 minutes I will work this year.
  20. Its the verbatim crap that screws a lot of people up. I get we need to know the stuff (and I do), but failing someone when they clearly know and demonstrate the method because they didn't regurgitate it verbatim is beyond ludicrous.