Safety no accident for these drivers

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    Safety no accident for these drivers - Orlando Sentinel

    The big-rig operators in FedEx Corp.'s Orlando unit are now the safest drivers in the company's North American system, having gone without a preventable accident for 21.42 million miles — and counting.

    The 225 Orlando-based "line-haul" drivers — the tractor-trailer drivers who carry packages from one distribution hub to another — retook the crown from the company's Toronto operation, which had held it since winning it from Orlando back in 2002.

    Their combined safe-driving mileage is the equivalent of driving accident-free more than 89 times to the moon and back, or for 2,678 swings around the Earth's equator. The Orlando operation beat out 31 other hubs and 520 ground stations in retaking the FedEx's President's Challenge award.