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    Is any other center filling out "safety playbooks?" I am not opposed to reduntantly quoting safety stuff at work or working safely. I am concerned that the sup makes us sign what we have done. Can they hold us accountable if we get injured for what we just signed? In these books we fill out the keys for lifting, backing, 10 point commentary ETC. I have read article 6, but not sure if this truely applies here.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    In a word.....yes.

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  3. superballs63

    superballs63 Well-Known Troll Troll

    We have them, but I do not waste my time filling out that crap
  4. If we had a play book I'm going to be Joe Montana.
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  5. Ouch

    Ouch Well-Known Member

    They can try to hold you accountable. Trust me if you get hurt God forbid, hire an attorney and you will be amazed at what they can't hold you accountable for. Its sad it has to be that way. They are methods designed to try to prevent you from being injured. It is not 100%. Accidents do happen and your body will react in different ways when you age. You can do every method 100% and still get injured. I would not sign anything but paycheck, dvir, and the dot legal papers.
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  6. Rainman

    Rainman Its all good.

    Where we are we write" signed under protest". I don't know If it will do any good, but it is a good arguing point to show that you were being forced if something does happen.

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  7. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    How do you guys have time to do this garbage? I come in, clock in at scheduled start time, do PCM, and then I roll.
  8. mjjlohn

    mjjlohn Active Member

    I don't even go to PCM....
  9. PAS'd out

    PAS'd out This ain't rocket science

    Only sign your timecard and paycheck (if you don't have direct deposit).
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.


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  11. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Time card?
  12. buster401

    buster401 Member

    NOOO! The only thing we sign are roster sheets! Signing in for hazmat training etc.

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  13. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    We have them in are center the books are like telematics they only matter 8 or 9 months out of the year from November to February you don't hear a thing about them then all of a sudden sometime in February safety becomes important again till November.

    Not saying that working safe isn't a priority but seems like it's only a big priority until it gets in the way of production and profits (peak )...
  14. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    You do not have to sign them if you choose not to, however it can be made to look as if you don't care about safety if the company tried to use it that way. People need to remember that job safety is one of the biggest things Unions have worked for thru history. We do not want to ignore that or take it for granted.

    I usually do the playbook, sign my name and write just above my name that I will do my best to work safely and by the methods.

    It is true the only things you must sign are things that are job requirements, such as DOT card, haz-mat certifications, the book in the package car that says if any mechanical issues have been noted and repaired.
  15. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Agreed, I have a saying. Safety as long as its convenient!! That however is a management problem that only becomes your problem if you let it. You make the choice to work safely or not. It should not matter how many stops you have or what your plans are for the evening!! You choose not to be safe for an instant and you may never make it to your plans!!
  16. Rainman

    Rainman Its all good.

    We used the play books a few years back, but haven't used them for at least 2 years now. Our safety committee argued against them as being too repetitive, doing something just to check a box to say we did it. If we have a safety demo or something in the safety zone, we use the 15 month plan or current events to dictate what we cover, not some @&!?*+~* play book written by someone in corporate who never did the job.

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  17. Anonymous 12

    Anonymous 12 Non active member

    If it was me I'd draw my play up in the dirt like Bernie Kosar.