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I won my bid run on August 1st which made me full time driver after being a cover driver for 1 year.
Once I got the bid run my rate per hour went up.

My two questions are;

1) Do I get a raise every 6th months until I hit top pay?
How does the progression thing work?

2) We are getting PAS soon, and rumor has it that the last bid run might be cut. Due to pas. I dont see how that could happen because I have the most worked run in the building.
I should still have a full time job right? Can they take that from me?

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First, if you were a cover driver and not a utility driver, then you are already a full time driver.
Second: Pay Rate Progression are as follows
Start rate
Attain seniority You get a raise
Seniority date + 12 months You get a raise
Seniority date + 24 months You get a raise
Seniority date + 30 months You move to the current top rate

As to loosing your route. If the company eliminates one route it should be the lowest seniority bid route. But PAS complicates things because all of the centers routes could change. In that case you could see an entire center rebid. I would be talking to my shop steward and my Teamsters local business rep about the possibilities of PAS and pending changes. Always try to keep the Union involved.


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Wage progression schedule is in the book. Not to sure about it though

As for your bid route, if it is in the plan for that day you run it. If not, you work before any casual driver does.
If there are 2 or more casual drivers covering routes you have the choice of those routes for the day providing your choice doesn`t put the company in a undermanned situation at your center.


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Your local contract might differ but
Start 14.50
Seniority 15.75
12 months 16.80
24 months 18.90
30 months Top Rate
Also you get no yearly raises until you are at top rate.


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In other words, they cant lay me off right?
Im a full time driver now with my bid run, even if they kill my run they will still have to give me work, Correct?


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first off i do not know how anyone can take a job and not know what the pay scale will be. 2nd you should have a full-time job but it may not be on deliveries it could be in the hub. if thee is no routes left you get bumped. if you are in a small ctr you get layed off. very simple. i use to get so upset at folks on my route when it came to holiday closings. i would ask what days they were closed and the reply i got was " i do not know" come on i knew every day i had off during the year.