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    Hey Guys,

    I've been looking at UPS jobs listed here in Pennsylvania. It was a feeder driver and a OTR w/hazmat. They have been looking to fill these for a while and I was just wondering if any of you guys could give me some ideas of what they pay? I have read anywhere from 75-125K...that is one hell of a gap. Any help would be really appreciated and thanks!

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    Hey Joe, welcome

    The gap is overtime. We do have some routes where we dont have much overtime. We also have others where they get the max almost every week. Then there are the mileage runs which make pretty good dough.

    But usually, in small package, you dont need the Hazmat endorsement, I dont believe. That would be more freight than package.

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    Thanks, I just didn't think that there could coud be that much of a gap. I will assume this one opening with the Haz is a over the road job and is a mileage. Again, Thanks.

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    The jobs requiring a Hazmat endorsement are UPS Freight jobs. Which is a separate division of UPS you might want to go post a question on freight discussion section of BC someone there might be able to help you about the pay and pay progression. I pretty sure your not going to be making $75,000 to start even with OT. I know if you started straight out driving TT in the package division you started out at around $16.00 hr.