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  1. dirty moose

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    I looked on for my paycheck last week and saw that its was sales lead check time!! yay right?

    So the second check on the site was the check/stub tax thing. It was 400 and change, i check the balance on the card a few days later; they only added 100 and change to the card.

    my question is this, where is the rest of the money?
    #2 Do they add money more than once a month?
    #3 who in the center do you talk to about sales lead money?
  2. dirty moose

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  3. drewed

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    Id talk to you center manager, or if you have a BD person in the building.It is odd that you saw the stub for 400 but only got 100 of it.
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    All I can say is, that'll teach you for turning in a sales lead.:happy-very:
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    im gonna print it out and bring it in tomorrow, and see what comes about