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    I give you the name. I give you the number. The person expects to be contacted. I look the lead up and see Unable to contact. Here's a thought, GO THERE IN PERSON AND WALK IN THE FRONT DOOR!
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    No No NO Only we can do that, not the people paid to do it. What planet are you on?
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    This is from a company laying off pilots due to the decline in the economy and at the same time buying more planes?
    These links are from the home page of BrownCafe.

    UPS to furlough 54 pilots on Sunday - Washington Post
    UPS sees strong Q2 Asia growth, adds aircraft - Reuters

    The irony of BD not being able to find the customer is right up there with the logic of more planes, less pilots.

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    I've always wondered why we are treatened to produce sales leads when they have staff on the payroll called "sales reps" that are supposed to do this. Yet, we get blasted for being over 9.5 and/or SPHOR aren't acceptable.
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    All sales leads are first worked by Inside Sales Reps. If the ISR is unable to contact and closes out the sales lead, then someone locally can go there in person. There is a chain of events that has to take place before someone can just walk in the front door. I personally do not know why we even have ISR's...potential customers prefer a in person visit rather than a phone call.
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    I called my building right after I delivered to a store on the boardwalk and the owner told me that some suppliers where overcharging him on shipping charges. I suggested getting his own account so he could have his shippments billed directly. He then tells me that other store owners have said the same thing. Has anyone called or visited him, doubt it. But lets kick our teeth in and overwork us. I used to be in sales before UPS and I was hungry for deals, you went out and looked for ways to get accounts. Not our sales people, and we are losing big accounts to Fedex Ground all the time.
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    ...And the next day they will have a morning meeting saying they need everyone to turn in sales leads.
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    There is probably 200 pickup accounts in the city I deliver in. In any other company, that would be enough to keep one rep busy full time nurturing these accounts, helping them grow etc. Instead, most have never seen a human UPS rep other than the driver. The local Budweiser distributor has at least 2 salesman in the same area that I see all the time.
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    When we do happen to land a new shipper, the BD dept instructs the shipper to go online and set up an account. No training, no supplies, no explanation of services. No wonder shippers move on.
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    The reason for the layoff of pilots was that with the expansion of worldport, it can now handle more work, which means less work needs to be sent to other facilities like PHL, ORD, etc. Having locations only send volume to SDF instead of a SDF\PHL split for example means only one plane is needed vs 2. Therefore less pilots needed. That's the main reason for the reduction in needs of pilots.
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    Our Sales Reps are useless. I turned in 4 leads since Jan. 1 sold, 1 on do not call list(the retards called his home number instead of business) and 1 unable to contact. The customer told me he left 4 messages for the rep, never got a return call. He now ships 20 a day with the post office. The 4th lead was turned in on Jan 12th and customer was not contacted until May. Its a total waste of my time, I will not turn in another lead. I already have 10 hour days, that enough for me.
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    Do not take the following as sarcasm but, rather as constructive criticism. After reading these posts you have to wonder why we even have a BD dept. As to never having worked in BD I believe the memebers of BC would be very interested in what people working in that dept believe is the purpose of that dept and also what other duties they perform.
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    I was only pointing out the irony, between the two points made in the links.
    The reasons for the restructure is a whole nother smoke.
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    Got a new one at the end of Apr and getting one at the end of June. Boenings.