Sales Leads are a joke!!!

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  1. My manager has been pushing sales leads down our throats for a while now. I couldnt fit one of my pickups the past few days and there has been no help since everyone is loaded to the max. Manager told me there are not enough trucks or enough drivers to help out and the customer will have to wait til the next day to get picked up.......Why get leads when we cant handle the current volume........UPS makes money in spite of itself!!
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    I was told one night last year that " everyone has to submit sales leads" over my DIAD. That is fine for most drivers but I do night pickups. All of my stops are closed by the time I show up, and the only ones around are the cleaning crews. So I just sent in one sale lead , that I knew we had lost to FDX.
    Last month a corp card showed up in the mail, saying it was good for $6. No information was included.
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    sales leads no joke. volume is down. If we are in fact headed towards a recession then guess what shippers will switch to lower priced options. Southeast region will be doing a big customer blitz this week to thank current customers and generate new ones.
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    We are drivers. We are not sales people. I did not go to college. I do not have a sales degree. I deliver boxes, that is what i signed up for. If you want me to get leads, give a credit card to take customers out, a car and a laptop like the sales people that are supposed to be doing this job. Why do they even have these people?? Why should we have to do their jobs?? Everything comes down to the driver. We have 5 supervisors in our building everyday. Why can't they do this?? Why? Because they want to pass it on to us because their lazy and want to sit in the building all day!!!!!!!!
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    This can't be the same UPS I worked for. They are actually going to thank the customers? Let me guess-- it will be up to the drivers to read a prepared speech at each pickup account. I can't believe someone from sales or management is going to do the thanking.
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    As much as I hate to admit it I have to agree with tie on this one.
    volume is down , we should all be interested in getting more buisness for the company we work for so as to secure our futures. It only takes a few minutes to turn a sales lead in. Most of the reps will even do the paperwork for you,all you need to do is give them a phone number. Ive made nearly a grand this year already for handing over phone numbers.