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    This is getting out of control....Every single day I'm am hassled about getting sales leads. My mngnt "team" says that i have to work as directed and get them sales lead LOL. I understand that i'm the only person that the customer see's from ups. God forbid a sales rep would dare to go out on the route and do it themselves! I don't even know who the sales rep is in my town. Don't you think they have better things to worry about than sales leads? How about starting off on the preload? How about loading the pkgs in simple numerical order? How about getting us out of the building on time? Should I keep venting or what?
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    Welcome to browncafe, enjoy your stay,
    stop back often and vent away.
    Its a great place for that and other things!
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    Vent on, pkghumper. OR try this... grab the yellow pages and pick a business.. any business.. and viola! instant sales lead! sure,they'll never sell it and you'l be wasting their time, but you will be working as instructed. Hey, how do you guys get the smiley faces on your posts? I ain't that smart. I'm merely a truck driver.
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    You'll love this one.

    Being in a satellite center we hardly ever see our center manager. I think he has been there 3 times in the last 4 years and each time was to either fire or discipline someone. A few weeks ago he shows up and we are all wondering who is getting fired. Turns out he came to talk to us about the ERI survey and do a pep talk on sales leads. He has papers for all the drivers on the sales leads they have turned in for the last couple of years. Everyone gets one except me! LMAO!!! Could it be that I never turned one in? You bet your sweet ass.

    Yesterday morning one of the on road sups comes over and asks me if he can turn in two sales leads on my diad. I tell him to knock himself out. That was some funny stuff.

    Several years ago they were begging people to turn in sales leads for hundred weight accts. I had a shipper that was sending his stuff freight and talked to him about the hundred weight program. He was all for it and asked me to send a rep to see him. I turned in a sales lead on my DIAD but the center had put their phone number in wrong. When the acct rep tried to call he got the wrong number and voided the sales lead.

    Now........ if they couldn't take the time to just call information and get the correct number, they get no more sales leads from me. I told management that was the first and last sales lead they would ever get from me. They never have asked me about them since.
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    The hundred weight sucks, here we have shippers sending out 700lbs and all the boxes say 25lbs, problem is some of the packages are 70 80 100lbs. Now we the drivers are getting hurt because you see the weight so you grab it as if it weighed 20lbs but its much heavier. Ups when you read this you need to fix it because the hundred weight is just another potential class action lawsuit waiting to happen!
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    This subject is a double-edged-sword to me. I can understand why UPS wants us to turn in sales leads. We are out there everyday, and are in-tune with what is going on. We know when a new business is going to open, before a UPS sales rep does. We know when our customers get frustrated with UPS, and are thinking of switching carriers. No sales rep has this kind of first hand knowledge. Fed-X ground is stealing our business everyday. You could turn in a sales lead here and there or do nothing. One day you may come to work and find out your route has been cut. I take pride in my work, and don't like to see the competition steal my work. I would rather work 55 hours a week, than stand in the unemployment line.
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    The second quarter of 2000 I got a little over $4500 on my amex card. July 2000 was my last sales lead. I saw a driver putting his name on a stack of sales lead cards in the center manager office that day. I lost interest after that. Now I just tell the sales rep in person. Don't care about the points anymore.
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    You know I wouldn't mind turning in a sales lead if I have a viable lead to turn in. Management wanting a driver to turn in a sales lead just to be turning one in is really stupid.
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    Something not right in your story.....
    The center never sees the Lead entered by the driver, it gets sent directly from your Diad to telesales. YOU enter the phone number in the DIAD. On the other hand the Center team should have seen the Lead after it was closed and followed up with you to get correct number.
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    The account was an existing pick-up already in my board. The phone number that was in my DIAD for said acct was wrong. When you turn in a sales lead on an account that is already in your DIAD, it uses the existing info.

    Get it?
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    All we have to do now at my center is pull off a delivery label from a competitor and turn that in with our name and employee id. Just be sure the company where you are pulling them doen't care for you to pull them. Most of customers are glad for me to. since it is so easy now, I have turned in about 30 leads in the last month.

    We have one driver at my center who has received almost $10,000 total on his awards card over the last 5 or 6 years. It's only potential job security the way I see it. Not all leads will sale, but if you turn in enough you will eventually sell a lead.
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    Years ago,when DIADS were fairly new,we had a Driver Mrktg allowance to allot us time to sell UPS services.Soon after they disbanded the program, I've stopped going out of my way to acquire sales leads.Partly to blame were the slackers who took advantage of the DM allowance.Since our center harps on production overages we just don't have time to sell.And(coming from a pee-on stock holder as myself) handing in lead cards from customers who never ask to be contacted seems like a waste of time and money.Now if you give us back our driver mrktg allowance and weed out the slackers who abuse it,maybe you'll get more positive results.
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    HAHAHAHA sounds like my centre, except replace "to fire or dicipline someone" with "to play in the annual company golf tournament."
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    Aren't you taught to test the weight before picking it up?:tongue_sm
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    Ths is really geting out of hand. Latest message from Sup on getting a sales lead.......
    "You too can bring home the bacon....turn in a sales lead!!"

    My usual reply lately......."Too busy to get one" or will be over 9.5
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    A year ago we had one of our nat'l acct's using fedex more than us. So another driver and I worked to get the volume back. Because ups wasn't giving this acct the discount that they was to get. It took 3 mons to get it straighten out.We both only got about $30 bucks each. Then at the beginning of this year same thing happened. This time we said forget it If Ups is to dumb to figure this out then TOO BAD
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    The problem is not with the sales-lead program, its with the sales reps. Forgive me if I'm out of line, but they have no idea how the business is run.

    If I were in charge, the sales reps. would come from people who worked the delivery end of the business for at least one year, ie: drivers and driver sups. (not some schmuck with a B.A. in english hired off the street). I know neither of us would accept that position, but if UPS somehow made it a promotion from driver and driver sup it might work.

    I'm sorry for bashing the sales reps., but when they are out there selling the business to a customer on my route, they have no clue as to how I can service this particular customer.

    All he(or she) knows is that he needs to get that volume no matter what and will promise the world without consulting the driver. I could already have a prefferered customer scheduled for a 530 pick up, yet the sales rep with promise this time window to pontential customer, not knowing that I'm tied up from 530-600 picking up 300 NDAs from my largest customer.

    We need to communicate better internally at UPS. This is one thing I know!
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    The sales lead program in our center is all about keeping the percentage of drivers who turn in sold producing leads above 85%. The big problem that I have is that I have turned in bunch of leads and have done well with them, and the people in the office throw leads to drivers who don't turn in leads. A friend of mine showed me his sales lead paper and he got over 500 bucks from a sales lead he didn't even turn in. I don't feel like going out of my way anymore, which is sad, because I know all of the reasons why I should, like keeping those boxes in our trucks, not in FedeX ground. I can't help feeling cheated for doing the right thing and seeing that drivers that don't turn in leads get more cash and do nothing.
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    For once brownie knows what he is talking about.
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    On an OJS the superviser will take every move or shortcut to save a minute here and a minute there and then hold you accountable to your numbers. While on an OJS we are instructed not to converce with the customers, just a hello and goodbye. UPS needs to follow thier own little sayings.....Someone needs to "get the big picture" Its a 2 way street and one hand washes the other but not with a one way company. We have plenty of sales people walking around our building every morning with thier starbucks coffee but seems like the building is always short drivers.....go figure....