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    As some of you may know, San Diego was in he news last week for the blg 4th of July fireworks flop. I was lucky, I didn't see it. It was all over the news and I was teased by friends and family.

    We're in the news again, that's right, Geek Fest aka Comic Con. It's supposed to be the biggest and baddest one anywhere. I've never gone but I've seen plenty of pics and heard the stories.

    I may take a chance this weekend and dare the trolley ride downtown and check it out.

    How about it, how many UPSers out there are comic book/sci fi geeks? I know a few of you are.
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    I love to watch "The Big Bang Theory" and always thought that they had made the term Comic Con up as part of the show. I never realized it was an actual convention.

    It sounds like a lot of fun.
  3. moreluck

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    Not so much fun for the lady hit & killed going to the show.
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    You are not GEEK enough to understand.Untitled-269.png
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    I have been to a couple of these and it is fun if you like,or did like comic books as a kid.
    Don't expect any "deals" to be good ones unless you really know your stuff.
    A lot of very eccentric individuals participate and attend these.
    I spruced up my superman collection quite substantially when I gave up my green lantern "drug abuse"
    issue about 12 years ago.Bring your camera :)
  6. moreluck

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    Does that mean that Green Lantern has gone from tokes to blokes???
  7. DS

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    It was his sidekick,speedy or sparky...I forget now...he caught doing drugs
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    An attendee dressed as a Tusken Raider from the movie series Star Wars poses during Comic-Con
    international convention in San Diego, California July 13, 2012.
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    New stunning view of epic fireworks failure

    A YouTube clip captures the 'Big Bay Boom' in San Diego up close in HD — and it's quite loud. 'This is insane'