San Diego's L-542 Flip-Flops and turns its back on Hoffa/hall, but why?

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    San Diego-Local 542 had a general membership meeting today. UPS members gave their union officials about 7 proposals to give to the Western States Negotiating Committee. The number one issue was..............Health Care! The local union said they will draft up the proposals and submit them to the Western States UPS negotiator Andy M. The Local officials have no idea when they are going to meet the Western States Negotiating Committee or for that matter the Company. With so many upset members, President Phil F said, "If the negotiating committee comes back with a contract that is not fair, we will recommend a NO vote." The ST Jaime V added, “the local union had the stance of "neutral" on the TA.” The angry members in the hall called BS on that.

    If this is true, Local 542 has decided to turn their back on Hoffa/hall and finally support their members. But the reality is that there’s a slate ready to run against these two clowns (Jaime and Phil ) and they know their chances of getting reelected are slim.

    Southwestern Teamsters UNITING against the corrupt OLD GUARD!
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    Anything for a vote.
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    The hypocrisy and lies of Hoffa loyalist officers in the Southwest is disgusting starting with the biggest liar of them all Andy of Local 104. He along with the ex-UPS manager RANDY of Local 63, Ron H (396), Rick (572) and Patrick (952) are telling their members that the supplements are done and cannot be changed.

    However, the head of Local 542 Jaime is now saying he did not push for a YES vote and instead remained neutral.

    Today at the Local 542 General Membership, Jaime affirmed to his members that if there was no improvements in their supplement he would respect the will of the members and "recommend" a NO vote.

    So can anyone explain why Andy and his overpaid crooked brothers in the Southwest are lying to the members?
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    Their not lying. You just don't get the big picture. Those guys have to make decision that nobody wants to make that represent the best interests of their members. Then you have 50 thousand armchair quarterbacks like your self who have never been responsible for many others and don't understand the state of what going on. I think these guys deserve a lot of credit. They knew this was going to be very unpopular but maned up and did the right thing anyway. Ups needs this and will get it in the end.
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    Dang it! I was happy and content in lurking for the last couple years! Then you had to come in here and start bashing my local! I probably already know who you are to. Let me guess white shirt black hat today (7/7/13). The annoying guy that kept spewing out crap and arguing with the leaders of the local who were nothing but honest with you. I seem to remember them saying. "We three all had different opinions on the master." 1.No 2.Yes. 3.Neutral. You people did nothing today but bicker and yell at 3 men that really have ZERO say in what happens in the negotiations! I am not happy with the Master either but I have a little more class then to take it out on people that want to help you and want to run a good local. I commend them for standing up there and taking every hateful word like MEN. Oh and trust me. You and your maybe 10 followers are not going to vote ANYONE out.

    Now since this is my first post I'd like to say Hi to everyone and look forward to some funny back and forth and some good arguments. :happy-very:
    I'm sure I'll get an ear full from Upstate about how my grammar sucks and maybe some pot stirring from Hoax. I look forward to some heated discussions with Stink and 407 (I put my local in the name just for you :wink2:) Also can't wait to comment on some of the zinger and stupid customer threads.

    Oh and Heffernan I have to ask. Do people say you look like him? I always wondered because everyone I run into on the streets tells me I do and everyone in my center calls me Heffernan. Just curious :peaceful:
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    With what I've just read, I wish you had posted earlier. Good job...keep em coming.
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    I feel like I know you!

    ​TOS is just running for office ... you know how politicians are!
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    Yea this guy said it. Anyone got a problem with it can kiss it. Why the HELL did you lurk so long. We have been waiting for you to join. Better late than never.
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    Your my favorite armchair quarterback 407. The only decision they made was to tell their boss yes sir, because they didn't want to upset him. The members have spoken now and the real men will stand up for what there members want and will quit trying to sell this bs. Obviously you aint one of those men! Maybe you should look before stepping.
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    Well I would hate to high jack this well thought out piece of literature because I can see it's very informative but..........

    Well what can I say. I enjoy reading this site. I got a lot of great advice and info off it over the years. Never thought I'd ever post something. I must say I'm glad I didn't for awhile. It takes sometime to figure some people out. I could have made some enemies quickly. But also what Ive noticed is it seems to be the same people that annoy me anyways so why the hell not. :happy-very: Then I found myself feeling left out in somethings. Like Upstate's Good bye letter. I'm kidding. Well I'm here now and hope I can contribute without making a complete A-- of myself.
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    If the supplements and riders could not be renegotiated they wouldn't exist, let alone be voted on. We will continue to Vote NO until these crooked clowns that call themselves leaders get it right! On the third NO we lawfully gain our right to Strike!
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    Oh yeah, like 89 and 804? Maybe 804's cheese burger slate should focus their attention on getting our UPSers back to work. Are they going for a record or something? Ohhh that's right, zero knowledge of contract enforcement. Never mind.
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    A little bit of advice. Don't drink a d post if you don't want to make a fool of yourself!!??!?!?! Other than that these people have very short memories.
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