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    Here's the deal,
    I've been a satellite driver for a little over a year now. I didn't sign up for the route I was forced on to it. I live 24 miles from the center I work for. The old satellite location was 24.5 miles from my home so I never pressed this issue,but they have recently moved the location to an area that now is 35 miles from my home. Are drivers that have been forced on to a satellite route reimbursed for the miles traveled above the normal that it would take to drive to their centers? If not, when or if the location is changed is that driver able to "opt out" of the satellite route at that point and come back to the center?
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    We had a guy bid a route that later went to a satellite and he got off the route because it moved. Only thing was that he went unassigned until the next bid.

    SAT to SAT might be different though.
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    No reimbursement (search my post history for my opinion on this one)....

    Are you bottom seniority? If not you should be able to pull seniority.

    Why were you ok with giving the company 24 miles worth of gas and unpaid travel, but not 35?
    edit: I reread the op...I understand you're going from 0.5 miles extra commute to 11 miles extra commute...either way, it's on your time and your expense.
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    Where I am at you would get paid the actual mileage from the center or they would pay you to drive out in their vehicle. You need to grieve this.
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    I've asked more than one steward about reimbursment here.
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    A satellite hub is considered a regular hub , so if you are low man on the pole and you are assigned that hub that is where you report to , so no pay travel to and from

    Your only option right now is to bump someone if you can or bid off that route , if you can't do either then well you are screwed for the time being

    I have been doing a satellite hub for 4 years now the only part I don't like is Christmas , I live 2 miles from my satellite hub and during the Christmas season we go back to the main hub which it is 40 miles from my house
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    Same here if your forced on it is the key here of course. Me I would gladly drive 10 miles extra to not see management.
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    Once again it appears that not all things are equal at all UPS centers. I know around here there is NO miliage paid for driving to a satellite center. Doesn't paying a driver milage kind of defeat some of the reason UPS runs satellite centers?
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    My first ten years I drove 105 mile commute a day to the center.
    I have been a sat driver for 17yrs and they do not pay for for my 40 mile commute to my sat center.
    That being said, I bid this route.
    Being forced to drive from your center to a sat center is a different story.
    UPS will not pay you for the mileage, but you probably can deduct the mileage on your income taxes.
    I would.
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    Is 24 or 35 miles really that far? Is there a major highway that goes there, or are we talking back country roads? I used to know someone who drove 1.5 hours to and from her work each day.

    My center delivers to towns that are 30 miles away. They're not even considered part of this metro area. Seems odd to me that you guys have a satellite center so close by.
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    Attended the union meeting tonight and asked your business agent about your mileage reimbursement question. He told me that in the Central States there is a "Notice of Understanding" between the company and union that if an employee is forced to satellite than he/she would be eligible for reimbursement. If I remember correctly, you told me you were forced into the satellite and since you were low man on seniority had no bumping rights.
    He was going to try to get out to your area to view your centers two satellite centers to make sure they are compliant with the unions standards. Changing the satellites location does not constitute a route change, so your SOL on your second question. Give Dan a call and talk to him about your mileage reimbursement. He was a steward in my center for years before becoming a BA and really knows his sh$t.
    By the way, guess you don't carer to remain anonymous! You owe me an afternoon of partying on that pontoon boat next summer.