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    hey all. i'm a pm air driver who also works saturday air and have been told i should be getting time and a half for saturday because of the 6 punch rule. was not aware of this does it sound right to you guys? who should i talk to to get this fixed so i can get my correct pay?
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    Talk to your immediate sup first.If he doesn`t know,talk to your union steward.
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    His immediate sup will tell him anything he thinks he is stupid enough to believe. Talk to the steward or BA privately.
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    Article 40, Section 1, Subsection "L", Subsubsection 2 answers your question and the answer is you only get straight time.

    Article 40 is full of concessionary language that overrides many other hard fought for normal worker protections and rights.

    This was done when UPS first began to compete for the overnight business against nonunion Fedex.

    Probably the largest mistake UPS ever made was believing there was no demand for overnight service and steadfastly ignoring the truth until fred shoved it into their face with all the profit he made creating a his empire unopposed by Big Brown who could have owned this territory.

    Never-the-less, UPS needed help to compete with the company they allowed to get fully established and the union had no choice but to help them with concessionary language.

    Even though we hold our own against fred in this territory now none of the concessions have ever been given back and so you live with this fact of working six days a week at straight time where Article 40 is involved.
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    UPS actually had an overnight air business on the west coast in 1929 and discontinued it about 3 or 4 years later. UPS also has had a 2 day air service since the 50's. I don't know if UPS was stupid in underestimating the NDA business or if Fred S was more so brillant in marketing the concept and getting consumers to believe they needed to pay a lot more to get it there the next day.
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    Yep, we had Blue Label as it was the only way to go from coast to coast seeing as we not only didn't originally deliver to the states between, but were not even allowed to drive sealed loads through many of them.

    But that was long before fred was even a college student.

    So Blue Label remained all UPS offered for speed as the business world would be unwilling to pay for overnight service apparently was the UPS philosophy.

    And then fred grew up, came in and offered the service starting with bailing wire, spit and what would have been pocket change comparatively to UPS while UPS with the world's largest non-governmental transportation infrastructure stood on the side lines flat footed until he had established an empire.

    Then they decided, hey there is a market here and got into the fray.

    I'd call that stupid although certainly give fred credit for being brilliant as well.

    UPS has obviously made lots of brilliant moves over the years, but they really missed on this one, because if UPS had gotten into this before fred with the advantage of their money and infrastructure fred would be "three men and a piper cub local moving company" if he was even in the business.
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    We not only did we have blue label (2 day service coast to coast & to part of the midwest from the east) but also "brown label" air (coast to coast, etc.) in three or four days! All that was still in use in the mid 60's when I started, through the 70's when we began next day air.
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    I was not aware of brown label air, learned something new, thanks Traveler