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  1. Dnking

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    How would you handle this? I've transferred to a new building. They only have two air drivers. Most of the time they only use one, depending on the volume. I have more seniority than the current air driver, but he's from the area, therefore he knows how to get around better than i do.

    I used to air drive in the area i transferred from, but like i said im in a different building now and im still getting used to the area. Ive gone out with a sup 4 times now, but im still on call for Sat, and most Sat i dont work. And the other guy works every Sat. I can see they probably want to use him because he already knows where hes going. But the way i see it, the only way im gonna get to know the area, is by actually going out and delivering in it.

    How would u handle it? Push the seniority issue? Or let it ride out and see if they eventually start using me?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Push the seniority issue but I wouldn't count on asking the displaced driver for directions.
  3. scratch

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    They didn't use you today for the Mother's Day rush? All our air and cover drivers were told to come in today. You will learn the area soon enough, good luck.
  4. Baba gounj

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    I have always stated that the best way to learn an area is to go out there and get lost.
    Push for your rights.
  5. browniehound

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    Push the seniority button! With all due respect to the air driver that knows his way around, its YOUR work! How do you think he got that knowledge? From sitting in the office studying the map? I highly doubt it as they just sent him out there as they should with you.

    It doesn't matter what the center team wants if you want to work. Obviously, the center team wants to use the driver with more knowledge and will do anything to use him. I can't blame them for this as I (or any half-intelligent business owner) would try to use him first also.

    UPS is going to continue to use him until you speak up and ask for your contractually specified work. This is an example of why UPS profits in the hundreds of millions every quarter. They know what they are doing. I would lose a lot of respect for them if they didn't try to use the driver with most knowledge first just as I will lose a lot of respect for you if you don't push the "seniority button".

    Where is your shop steward in all this?
  6. Dnking

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    No they didnt use me. Said they had it covered. Yep this is the last draw. Im gonna push the issue.
  7. Dnking

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    I just became the part time steward. And this is gonna be my first task to deal with. Believe me, I am goint to push the seniority issue. If they dont start using me, then im just gonna have to file on it..
  8. UnsurePost

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    Look in your supplement to see how seniority is handled. If you transfered as a part-timer, you may not have kept your "building seniority" or "center seniority" that you had - therefore the new PT'er may have seniority rights over you. Not sure how it's handled, just something to consider. Every region seems to have it's own little ebbs and flows
  9. Anonymous 10

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    You just moved to another building and you already won an election for steward. Who are you Jimmy Hoffa's grandson??
  10. UnsurePost

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    in our local, elections are frowned upon. Actually, it's the opposite, you cannot become a steward unless you have mugged someone iirc ;p
  11. UPSGUY72

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    Not enough info here.

    1. Are you PT or FT from what I reading your are PT ???
    2. If you are PT at your last building did you work the preload or local then drive Sat Air ?
    3. Why did you tranfer Buildings ? Did you bid a job at your new building or did you do an educational transfer. IF you got a transfer for anything else but bidding a route you keep company seniority for vacation but you lose building seniority meaning your at the end of the line for bidding and SOL on the Sat Air unless no one else ahead of you want's it.
  12. Dnking

    Dnking FireFalcon

    Ive been at my center since 06...Been with the company since 99. So ive been here for about 5 years now. And yes im still part time because, yes i lost my building seniority. Transferred because my wife graduated college and got a excellent job in a different state. So i did a educational transfer. The air driver they've been using ahead of me is fairly new. Started in 09.
  13. UPSGUY72

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    Your SOL he is ahead of you on the bidding list on everything but vacation picks. You have no rights to bump him out of his position. But let your SUP's know that when there is an opening you would like to Drive Sat Air. Understand that might take a while because your last in line.
  14. brownmonster

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    Probably the only one that wanted the job. One Saturday air driver? Is this a 3 car center?
  15. packageguy

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    Yes you are right, the person transferred to new building loses his senoirty to bid, but he still picks his vacation before him, if he does have more company time
  16. ymelord

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    let them do your work then grieve it for lost wages it's great getting paid for work you don't do
  17. UnsurePost

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    I would agree if that were the case. The OP has nothing to grieve. Like we have said, he/she now has a transfer seniority date of 2011 instead of 1999. The good news is they will be picky when it comes to their 3/4 weeks vacations ;)
  18. ymelord

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    he said the person that is working ahead of him has been at that center since 09 and he's been there since 06 it's his work
  19. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    That's what I got out of it and think it should be his work. Just document every instance and file on it. You could be looking at some nice back pay here. If you have a strong case which it appears you do, they may even offer you a settlement to drop it before it goes to be arbitrated. You may be tempted to take it but your case appears to be so "cut and dry" that I can't imagine you losing and should take every penny owed to you. I'm assuming you stated all the facts here.
  20. UPSGUY72

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    They could have put a list up and he didn't sign it at that time because of other conflicts and the other guy did. If that is the case he is SOL. I don't think we got the full story.