Saturday delivery 4 small center on topic!

Hello, I seen online another center the same size as ours of around 30 drivers that went Saturday delivery.That is about our size. I am hearing pre load goes Tuesday through Saturday. We have no 22.4 drivers so I guess the mid to lower sonority drivers will be switched to Tuesday through Saturday? Some of us are wondering what happens to the PM shift? (the ones that unload, fuel wash and park the cars at night) are they still Monday through Friday? What about me the only mechanic? Also need info on what to share with drivers that are forced in on Saturday on what to do such as make sure they work there full 8 etc? We are in the central and Michigan rider . A date to go Saturday isn't set but herd all in our area will be within a year. Also once all centers are Saturday we maybe moving ground Saturday PM for delivery on Monday? (business only)
Please share good info so I can share this thread with the driver group. Thanks all
I’m in a good size building. RPCD’s with low seniority will only work Tue-fri unless they choose to work Saturday. It’s a nightmare in our building because they can’t get enough 22.4’s so they work them 10-14 hours on Saturday. Good luck!


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Probably be a skeleton crew on Saturday evenings. Drivers will unload their own trucks. And a few insiders will scan and put them in a trailer.


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How are you the only mechanic at your building? What do they do when you’re on vacation/sick? Even the small center (70 routes) down the road from me has 2 mechanics 🤔
Hats off to you for reading all that.

I stopped when it said no 224 mafia at his center.


That’s the first thing I picked up on. Only mechanic with 30 cars? Any tractors? You are getting boned.
All the small centers around here less than 50 cars only have one mechanic unless they have tractors then they’ll usually have 2 mechanics