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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tony051, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. tony051

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    Last saturday I was doing my usually air driving. At the end of the day i had to go do a pick up of ground pkgs from a company. Would this mean i get ground pay for the enitre day.
  2. over9five

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    Yes, you get top package driver rate for the day.

    Article 40 sect 1
  3. swing_drv

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    Over9 I don't think that is right . Only if you are delivering. I think what he is doing is classified as just shuttling ?
  4. Braveheart

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    If you shuttle, deliver, pick up or snuggle with ground packages you get full time package rate, or cover driver rate if you are also a TCD.

    But you have to file a grievance to get the pay.

    Just tell a steward and he can file and get paid at his overtime rate for you doing the extra work ahead of him or any full time driver for that matter!!!!

    That way you can help stop the problem and not have to file. If you are brave enough to file, then take the money!! I would file for sure!!!
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    Wow. in our center when a shuttler does that they management does something so they automatically get the ground grievence involved.
  6. over9five

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    The Union took a stand here that shuttling is still progressing the package. Whether or not you actually deliver it is immaterial. You have moved the package along.

    And in this case he picked up grounds, so that cannot be considered shuttling.
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    An air driver is only allowed to pick up ground packages if he is at the stop after the regular driver and he was asked to take a late ground that came down after the regular driver. An air driver is allowed to shuttle work out to regular drivers, but only when a regular driver is not available, and correct me if I'm wrong over9.5, he gets paid his regular rate for the shuttle work. When being asked to go out and make a pick up of grounds then he must be paid the regular driver top rate, and the senior member not offered the extra work can grieve for extra pay at time and a half. At least that's how NNE area has handled this problem.:happy2:
  8. rod

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    What am I missing here? Since when has UPS made pick-ups on Saturday? Never happened here.
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    Over95 is right. At least in my neck of the woods (and from his posts it appears we work in the same great state of Massachusetts). I was an air driver way back in '99 and picked up letter boxes at night.

    My fellow PM air driver would have to pick-up grounds 1 or twice a week and would get top ground-rate for his entire shift when he did so. He didn't need to file. Well, maybe he had to at first, but every subsequent pick-up was made at ground rate.

    Over95 mentioned that the union had a victory when the company was forced to pay air drivers ground rate when theyshuttled ground packages. And I say that was great! But I have since noticed that I don't get ground packages shuttled to me from air drivers anymore. They are brought to me by my Sup:headache:!

    What are we supposed to about this? File a grievence? Sheet any package we get shuttled to us by management as missed? I think this will be the only way we as teamsters can hurt management to the point that they use teamsters to do teamster work. Yes grievences help, but if we all banded together and had every parcel sheeted as missed, we would make more progress.

  10. mattwtrs

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  11. browniehound

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    I agree Matt, it wouldn't fly here either. But what are we supposed to about this? There could be a single job created in my center alone where one driver could bring out packages left in the building, then meet other driver's for their mislods and shuttle those back and forth. Instead this is being done in my center by 3 driver Sups, and the occasional BD rep on a daily basis. There needs to be a stop to this!