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    Just wondering how much of this happens at other places. We have runs that are scheduled Tuesday-Saturday. Seems like for about the last year any time one of these guys takes an RO for Saturday they cancel the run and throw the loads on the train. We have plenty of guys on the extra board to cover the run but dispatch cancels them. I talked to dispatch last night and was told there were 6 runs to cover this morning and they cancelled all of them. When I asked the dispatch this morning why they didn't run them I was told, "We're not gonna send guys out to bring empties back". We were only down 2 loads so that means 1 run not 6. Just curious if other hubs/centers are dealing with this.
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    I've found that cutting back on the onion rings and salad on Friday night helps with the Saturday Runs.
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    Put a cork in it Hoax!:laughing:
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    LOL. Don't forget the Budweiser.
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    Recipe for a "silent killer."
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    It can also cause you to have the "saturday runs"(if you will).
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    Dispatch may be giving your work to drivers coming in from other hubs. Happens frequently.

    Load origin is kinda like seniority and other rights afforded by the gets ignored when it benefits the company.