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    I was reading the thread "I want to live in an IE world", and realized that I do. I bid off of my old route sometime back to move to an A.M. shuttle/ half route. Did that for about two years, and then suddenly the half route was dissolved into other routes. Now, for the last year or so I run the A.M. shuttle, return to the building, and I get to play porter/bulk shuttle/clerk/preload/etc. Now maybe I don't see the BIG picture, but wouldn't it be better for the company if I was on the street peddling packages and creating some revenue, and not pushing a broom. I still get driver wages no matter what I do. And before anyone thinks it, its not all that cherry/cheery being stuck in the building. Just wondering how many others are out there with this pondering.
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    I have often wondered if I was the only one in my situation it's very simular to yours. I bid off a regular route and had been running air shuttle to the airports and delivering EAM's and and NDA route for about 8 years. Now the last 6 months I run to the airport and when I get back to the building the broom and I spend some quality time together. I'm told putting me on the street really messes up the centers numbers. Even though my air work is still in and being done by an combo air driver. I'm sure I don't see the efficiency in all this just being a driver/porter.:wink2: