Say goodbye to our INSURANCE!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by caharrell5, Oct 2, 2012.

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    I can see it coming, unless you live under a rock, you can see it too.
    I dont want President Obama health secretary deciding my health care, or that of my husbands. In the Obama care bill how many times does it say? "will be decided by the health secretary" forgive me I forget, too many times.
    This is the major reason my husband doesnt go on disability, when he is way more disabled than so many I see. I want my husband and his doctor to make those decisions, not some nobody.
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    The really sad thing is most obama supporters have a "sense of entitlement" whereas they believe they are owed something be it a cell phone, health care, food stamps. mortgage payments etc.

    Their battle crys include, but are not limited to:
    "my president is black"
    'if we take care of obama he will take care of us"
    "I wants some of that obama money".

    It is these people who are unwilling or unable to understand obamas agenda but will blindly vote for him because they believe that some how, some way, they personally will benefit.

    God help us if obama gets re-elected.
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    I can see how you would think like this.
    OK picture it like this,every US citizen gets a health card.
    You can get free treatment at any hospital.You no longer have to
    worry about paying for breaking your leg.If you need a hemmorhoid operation,
    it's covered.Your taxes will pay for this.
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    I've heard Canada has socialized medicine and most of them are coming to the US for medical treatment.
    I know several senior citizens whose medicine costs have suddenly increased dramatically. Why?
    The phasing in of obamacare.
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    You call someone an idiot...the first sign that you feel threatened by factual info. pathetic...I would not expect anything less because you couldnt even watch the video and understand the simple english coming out of Obamas mouth that he wants to eliminate private insurance. Look around the world and in history. Have you ever seen a government controlled society where everyone lives like kings? Let me answer that for you...NO you havent. Thats because socialized economies bring everyone down to poverty. Get educated before you start calling someone an idiot. Looks as though you are the one wearing the sign.
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    Canadian athletes do come to the US for medical treatment.

    US senior citizens do go to Canada to get their scripts filled as it is cheaper to do so.
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    wow, I wonder what the cost is to get to Canada for a bottle of pills?
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    The border is 15-20 minutes from my house so you are looking at 2 hours time round-trip. There are some nursing homes near the border that organize bus charters for their residents to get their scripts filled. In turn, the price of gas in Canada is $6/gal so they come across to buy gas and cigarettes.
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    New member and all 12 of your BC contributions are negative, insulting and in mean spirit.
    Why don't you take your energy and time to develop a personality?

    Make that 13 posts.
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    You Canucks have it right. The dummies down here don't understand what a good deal it is, and that it doesn't mean that Big Government is going to station a black Special Ops helicopter over their house. Plus you have Molson beer.
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    Your info is usual. Everything you talk about is a GOP talking point. We are light years away from a socialized economy, and the people who live like kings did it by manipulating a capitalist system...think Mitt Romney and the Koch Bros. Have you ever seen a government-controlled society or ANY society where everyone lives like kings? No, because none exists. There is, however, a country where Libertarian principles prevail and everyone does what they want. It's called Somalia, and it's a cluster, just like this country would be if we were ever ******** enough to vote-in a Libertarian adminstration.
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    Thanks for agreeing with me...Do you know how old the US is? Do you know why we are a super power? Do you know how we got there in such a short amount of time? Do you know how that plane in your profile pic came about Mr. FedX CAPITALISM! So like I said thinks for agreeing with me. Also, you will always be wrong, because you dont think like me...There now I agree with you.
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    Simply brilliant. I stand in awe of your intellect.
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    then its not free right? and what about when you get too old to justify spending the money on you?
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    Considering the savings from a government healthcare system with only a 10% adminstration cost, compared to over 30% (USA), and no middle-man (insurance company) syphoning billions out of the system on profits (Canada's system is non per profit), also with lower drug costs by ordering in bulk at a set low price, and by setting caps on law suits regarding medical mal practice, it's half the price of the US style private per profit system.

    Most taxes collected to pay for healthcare in Canada are paid by smokers, drinkers and drivers.
    Added Tabacco and alcoholic taxes are extremely high, but those 2 items do costs our healthcare a lot, as it does in the US and worldwide - just here the users actually pay for it !

    Considering when it's too old to get good healthcare, you ought to look at your own system first - you seem to die on average 5 years younger than being a Canadian !

    I also assume the lesser money we spend on military & military action easily pays for our healthcare by itself.
    I hear no screaming of Romeny plans to spend rather another $2 Trillion anually on military spending than keeping medicare/medicaid alive or making sure every US citizen has health insurance protection.

    Isn't it already good enough to have
    military mighty to blow up the world 100 times over ?

    All in all Canadians have pride about our healthcare system up north, and yes, we see it as a human right to have it in place for each and every Canadian.
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    This post is informative, well thought-out and succinct with valid points throughout.

    Cheryl, has someone hacked klein's account?
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    So the libbies want the government to shut down a massive private industry.

    That's alot of jobs they're going after, all while using our tax dollars to do it.
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    If that were true, why has so many healthcare and even insurance stocks continued to increase in value rather than see massive sell offs so investors can divest their positions at the highest costs? How many of these stocks do analysts have as "buys" and even advocating lots of upside potential? Why are many of these companies continuing not only to invest in future growth potential with capital investments but pouring more dollars into building business capacity or even buying up business capacity?

    Not suggesting what was done is good or the way it should be done but ask the question, who benefits from this at the end of the day? And go back and take a real honest look at the how question of how was this done? You have half of the equation solved as to who is really behind all of this, now go the distance.

    In the case of insurance, ponder this below as the iceberg tip and then think who on capital hill and where the lobby money goes with maybe the what and why getting answered also.