Scandel at 705?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by tieguy, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Whats going on with RD and SP at 705? NLRB charges filed against the local?
    Is it true that 705 rehired this TDU nut after he was previously fired from the local and had cost the local quite a bit of money in lawsuits and DOL charges as reported on

    Is this another Ron Carey threatening to strike to keep attention off the scandels situation?

    Can we invite the poster over from so he can shed light on this potential careyesk scandel at 705?
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    I hope so, then the teamsters will have a proven formula. If this is the way to get results; it is better than breaking fingers and making cement shoes for pursuasion; like the teamsters used to.

    I hope Hoffa or whoever is office in 2013 has a scandel brewing so our contract can gain major improvements. Sleeping in bed with UPS will not generate the "investigations funded by---could it be U-S. I am sure Hoffa is no cleaner than UPS or the 705 leader in question.

    Very Interesting indeed
  4. tieguy

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    Having a scandel is better then cement shoes? Who says that has to be my choice of options?

    Why does securing a pension for the CS folks have to equate to "sleeping in bed with UPS"?
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    Tie its not uncommon to have charges filed against a union or official. Its the same as being charged with a crime and until a verdict comes in you are still innocent until proven guilty.

    I would like for this 007 from tnet to debate the fatcs. If you would like i can give you his real name and what its all about. I would rather not and let it go through the proper channels. By the way hes a mover not a upser not that that really matters.

    Why do you always have to tag someone tdu? I have said that i am not a tdu member, but also am glad that they are there as a watchdog. Maybe ups needs a watchdog group to keep them a little more honest.
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    they do , they have you and the union and about 20 different government agencies.

    I don't disagree that a watchdog organization like tdu could be a good thing if that watchdog responsibility is handled responsibly.

    what bothers me about TDU is they use misinformation to badmouth the teamsters and the company.

    The 22.3 jobs issue that was recently discussed was another example. they can subpoena the information if necessary and then report on whether or not hoffa is holding ups accountable for the required number of jobs. Instead they pull some half cocked innuendo , make the assumption that the company is not filling the jobs and that hoffa is letting us get away with it.

    If you read through the many TDU posts and their newsletters you can find other examples of poor fact finding followed by half cocked charges.

    My original post when I started this thread was purposely presented in TDU half cocked fashion using their methodology just to give you and other posters an idea of what its like when these accusations are made in such a fashion. I know you believe in your leadership group and I'm sure you have many dedicated union people at 705 devoting a lot of their time and effort to the good fight.

    But TDU needs to develop some credibility.

    Something to think about my friend:

    A dishonest watchdog soon loses its bite.
  7. ogrelord

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    Well Tie now who's spreading propaganda? any facts or names? i bet this is stright out of UPS play book.
  8. brownmonster

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    I believe he used the initials of the alleged perps.
  9. 705red

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    I agree with you to a point, tdu i believe points out all of the negatives within the teamsters while never pointing out any of the positives.

    As a volunteer organizer here for 705 i have been on several organizing drives including ups freight. It is very hard to sell to people that dont know you and only know what they read on sites like tdu that we do have their best interest at heart. Another site that has been toned down alot is tnet, all you would see was negatives coming from people playing politics.

    I understand that the teamsters are not perfect as a whole, but i do firmly believe that in 705 we are as close to being perfect than any other local.

    We still have people that want to play politics and are only concerned with trying to run and take back the local from upsers.

    If tdu would start pointing out alot of positives along with the negatives i believe they would have some credibility.
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    I do agree with this statement on the TDU guys!!
  11. 705red

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    You are full of yourself!!......Most of the country thinks you guys are a joke !...Your only labor experience is in your local,yet you think you are the best!!...Red don't be so ignorant.....the IBT is much bigger and complex than you can comprehend based on this statement!!!

    Your right my only experience is within my local. But unlike you i have been on here for some time and have read what alot of what others have said about their locals. Im comparing how our local represents the members and the contract to what i have read on here. If any other union upsers would care to debate this issue with me i will listen. Seeing you are management you will only bad mouth locals that stand up to you. I dont recall last novemeber any management person saying anything bad about the early contract. Why?

    Because it benefited ups and not the members.

    The ibt? Theres some good people working there but as a whole its the worst admistration to ever sit in those seats. I understand from a company stand point thats what you like to see, but from a members stand point its a joke!
    Now you want to say that the rest of the country thinks we are a joke, who would you be talking about? Because we wouldnt except bad language? You will never see a thread about 22.3s losing their jobs out of 705.

    You say we are a joke, but i say we just opened the door for others in the next contract and even you know this!
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    Red, UPS saved the pensions of so many hard working UPS'ers...cost UPS 6 billion dollars....I see your real goal is to destroy UPS, like the guy you worship wanted to, Ron Carey. You will not win. You views are those of cummunism which I am sure you support, you are a menber of the party aren't you??
  13. 705red

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    Because i expect you to honor the contract my goal is to destroy ups?

    Just think about how much money ups pays out in grievances at time and a half, double time and triple time for not honoring the contract. Now who is really destroying the contract?

    Its not the union, alot of these grievants could have earned straight time to do the work that was grieved.

    I believe its your views that are communist not mine!
  14. JonFrum

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    Red, every Teamster receives the official Teamster Magazine monthly. It is pure propaganda. Only the positives are mentioned, never the negatives. Against that backdrop, TDU publishes Convoy Dispatch, which goes only to a fraction of the Teamster membership. Convoy tends to tell the negative side because that is what's missing. Convoy is not trying to be fair and balanced. They are trying to complete the picture. To tell you what the Teamsters didn't. To give you "the rest of the story." If the Teamster Magazine was fair and balanced to begin with, there would be no need for Convoy Dispatch.

    I find TDU to be truthful, and as accurate as can be expected from an organization with limited resources. And now, having been denounced by Tieguy, it's reputation is further enhanced!
  15. Bloodybrown

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    Red, I think you live in a fantasy world....perhaps you are winning grievences and some monetary ones, but its not like that everywhere, you think that teamsters in your local don't violate the contract everyday??....well they do!! I fire every teamster for every little thing, NO I don't, I do the right on the other hand operate like a machine that was built by your know there is black, white and gray.....and in your little world everything gray should be black and you should win correct???......I have read in a tread that the leadership where you work is the best its been in ten years....yet UPS is just a big monster!!..........You need to get a life or someday you could be the one paying the price........don't be a brainwashed the right thing for all, not just for you!
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    Is that a threat to my job security? Whats the matter bloddy hate it when your called on contract violations?

    When you take money out of my pocket or one of my coworkers i will file and if you dont like it please transfer back here.

    Im a package car driver out of the palatine building, and if you still cant figure out who i am i will even give you my name and look forward to the challenges. Are you willing to put your name out here for all to see?
  17. Bloodybrown

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    Easy big boy ! !.......I know your a tough guy that likes to fight ! correct??..........I'm not threating you.......I don't care who you are...If I wanted to know I could easily find out. If you want to play with the big boys you need to not take things so personal. i would not mind working in the same building as you.........I think that would be fun!! I told you management may violate and you want to hold them accountable.....and as I have works both ways ! !.....I am very good at what I do!!
    To bad we may never have the opportunity to square off.....but you never know!!
  18. 705red

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    The point is i see more people fired or suspended for non cardinal infractions. And when you wrongfully fire or suspend, i will go after back pay. And the times that people are dead to rights are dead to rights and theres not much that can be done. So you would want me to except this as a suspension to teach a member a lesson?
  19. Bloodybrown

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    Evey case is different.........I would need more info??? to go to work......we'll talk next weekend.........have a good week!!!
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    Ups has been after the pension for years. Don't act like they did it for our benefit. Ups would have had to pay billions to withdraw back in 97 when it was a company contract demand. They withdrew because it will save ups money. Did you say securing or screwing our pensions? A driver who retired with 30 years way back in 1997 got. $3000 a month. A driver who will retire a full 16 years later in 2013 will get the same amount. The better part of 2 decades go by with no increase. Does not seem very secure.