Scanner laser eye damage?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by nystripe96, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. nystripe96

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    From time to time, accidentally mind you, I'd run the scanner past my eye, or somebody else's scanner will catch me really quickly. Does anyone know if this can cause serious eye damage down the road. It's happened to me quite a few times already since I started working as a loader a few months ago.
  2. menotyou

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    Yes, IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR EYE, potentially leading to blindness. Do not let that laser anywhere near your eyes!!!!
  3. killamjl

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    In the same way looking at the sun will damage your eyes.

    In other words if you glance at it theres no problem. If you stare at it for long periods of time, yes that would lead to blindness
  4. Cementups

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    I actually saved myself a few thousand dollars by repeatedly pointing the scanner at my eye. I had planned on LASIK surgery but the UPS lasers seemed to have done the trick. THANKS UPS!!
  5. UPSGUY72

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    You accidentally run the scanner past your eyes??? Just to be on the safe side I advise you not to pick up a gun or anything that is sharp
  6. Anonymous 10

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    I heard that the new keyless entry key fobs that ups wants us to hang from our belt loop by your groin could cause penile cancer.
  7. cino321

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    Is that considered worker's comp?
  8. klein

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    Just keep doing it, you need to be sort of blind to become management !
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Ya and I heard that world is going to end next year.
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    Is that guy a moron or what???
  13. PT Stewie

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    The grand Poobaa of the Myan Indians works with me an article 22-3 guy if he paints himself blue and comes to work will let you know we are f---ed and the end is near
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    Why doesn't God just kill us all now and get it over with?
    God is omnipotent, omnipresent and knew he screwed up with that apple tree way before he planted it.
  15. nystripe96

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    It's not like I'll intentionally put the laser into my friggin eye. The scanner straps can easily get loose, and the scanner will wobble around. Just lifting a box and breaking a jam it can happen.
  16. Indecisi0n

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    you only need arms , legs and a strong back for U.P.S.
  18. PT Stewie

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    Get one with a trigger
  19. menotyou

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    Different style scanner.
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