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  1. Concretion

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    I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem that my supervisor won't help me with. They will just tell me the scanner is broke.
    How do you associate a hand held smart scanner? This type of scanner is new to me. I only have to use them once in awhile. The scanners are used for bagging packages on the air belt. Any advice?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    By associate do you mean link the scanner to your employee ID #?
  3. _Mayday_

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    I think he means associate the blue tooth. I can't recall the name of the buttons I'm so used to just hitting them. I want to say hold down shift and hit P1.
  4. MattE

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    I've never held them down. But I put the battery in the scanner, quickly hit shift then P1. The unit will ask you to press the reset button. It's on the side of the scanner. Then within a couple of seconds it will normally associate.

    However ours are getting flakey about associating. If there's a manual or any other tips or suggestions I'm all ears.

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  5. Concretion

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    Thanks for the help! MattE
  6. Concretion

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    Thanks for the help! Mayday
  7. Concretion

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    No from Nebulous
  8. PT Stewie

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    Some times if it doesn't associate you need to reboot the scanner . Have the pt sup help that is what he gets paid for.Our scanners are beat to s--t and sometimes it is diffacult to get a good one if you do not arrive early. I work off site sometimes and they send five scanners and I can only get maybe 2 to work after rebooting and trying numerous things.
  9. If you still can't get them to associate after the shift P1 you may have to force associate it. I can't remember exactly how, but I know a guy that does on my shift, the IT guy showed him. I'll find out when I see him.

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  10. Astispumanti

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    To force association you start at the main menu and then hit F3, F3, then F4. You will then see a bar-code. Then take the imager and scan the bar-code. Once it associates hit F5 then escape until you are back at the main menu to login.
  11. Harry Manback

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    I remember using these.

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  12. MattE

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    I will try this the next time I have issues. Thanks.

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