Scanning issues, might get fired

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Anthony Casimiro, Feb 6, 2020.

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    So recently my hub has been complaining about scanning the wrong box with the wrong truck i.e 502 box winds up in the 501 shoot, and if you scan the 502 box while being logged in with 501, I would have to stop loading and correct the issue. I hardly do, I just notice the mis sort, and place it near the right truck so when I have to the time i will fix it. I very rarely get misloads, I always hit my pph, on time, hardly complain. But I just dont care enough to correct the scan immediately, its extremely stressful. And now I heard talks about then firing me. They have talked to me before about correcting the issue but I just cant.
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    If you get backed up, it’s not your problem, it’s their problem. Ask them if they want you to stack out or let it blow by. Don’t let yourself get stressed.
    But absolutely make sure not to misload and scan everything correctly. Follow every instruction. That’s where you can get disciplined.
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    nice working with you Antny
    Maybe ground will hire you
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    Does your grandfather call you “antknee”?

    Like this- “Antknee, grab some of dose rocks, and put dem over dare.”
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    You mean you just don't want to. You'll have you're "fired" thread here in no time.
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    We get paid by the hour don't worry about your PPH.

    The only thing we "cant" do is work unsafely. If they tell you to do something, just do it as safely as possible :).
  7. BadIdeaGuy

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    I boiled your entire quote down to the one piece that mattered. "...I just dont care enough..."
    Follow their orders.
    If it takes extra time to get done, that's fine.

    The union won't let them fire you for working safely.
    The union will let them fire you for insubordination.
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    But but he's doing such a good. Clearly UPS will see this and be impressed.
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    If they did not get a shop steward involved then I would not worry too much. You should treat verbal discussions as something to observe and practice with. any time a steward is involved i would keep it up for at least 2 months and a written warning letter means following the writing for 6 whole months without impunity. It is also a good idea to grieve every warning letter for how they are phrased because UPS likes to make broad brushstroke statements in their warning letters and it is in your interest to get them to define exactly what it is you are to be doing.

    You really need to rephrase what happened because I can't understand much. I know it ain't easy but you can always trade stress for a strict routine and a lower PPH. getting a 140PPH and having hundereds of packages left over by driver start time can be very relaxing I assure you. In a perfect world I could do what I think is best and not worry about work routines but hey it's capitalism.