Scariest On The Job Accident You Have Been Involved In

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Leftinbuilding, Feb 2, 2013.

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    August 9th 1999, about 14:30. A guy test driving a motorcycle, wearing a borrowed helmet that didn't fit, came around a hilly curve and lost control of the m/c. The helmet was of the type that has the cross piece over the chin. The wind caught the unsnapped helmet and pushed it up over his eyes. He was wobbling all over the road and I took evasive action by turning to the right as much as possible. Still, he nailed me dead center in my windshield, the top of his head planted right in my face. Luckily, by the time of impact I was almost stopped. He was still doing an estimated 45 mph. He slid off my hood, and I was sure he was dead. Totally out! A friend of his had been following him and he was on the scene before I could get out of the car. I told him to check the guy while I called 911. After a few minutes the guy came to. Luckily, and gratefully on my part, he sustained only a concussion and a broken wrist. Interestingly, during his out of control moments he literally crushed both sides of the gas tank with the inside of his thighs. UPS was very kind during the whole aftermath, even to the point of having a psychologist call me that evening to see if I needed to talk. I was offered time off, but went back to work the next day. Scary times.....
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    No comment
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    Getting robbed. No gun, just more of them than me. I dont think it was an accident, but I did get a warning letter.
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    Why a warning letter???????
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    failure to expect the unexpected
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    I came real close to falling out of an old P400 doing about 50 mph down a long farm driveway with the doors open. This was before they put seatbelts in the package cars. I hit some washboard in the road and the truck started to bounce sideways throwing me 3/4th the way off the seat. I remember hanging on to one side of the steering wheel thinking the truck was going to roll. When I got it back under control I pulled over and had a cigarette.

    I also had a car I was meeting lose control on some ice and cross over right in front of me while we were both doing about 55. I know we didn't miss by more than a few inches.

    I fellow driver had an old gentleman who was getting his mail suddenly try to run back across the busy 2 lane hiway. The pickup right behind him killed the guy.
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    You have got to be kidding....
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    Yes tooner did get disciplined I remember her post on this forum when it happened.
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    Those P400's were something else. It's a wonder more didn't die in them. There was a lot to hate about them, but the thing I hated most was the way you had to hold your legs up to operate the pedals. Almost like doing leg lifts all day. Miserable on extended routes.
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    In an old 800 down the interstate at 65 MPH and windshield blows in. Flip windshield off to the right and continued to the center,raised all kinds of hell, soon after the clips to reinforce the windshield came about.
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    I did like the big tray up front where you could line up your next 10+ stops. And I liked the micro-brake lever also.
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    I think UPS should have instituted an NFL style concussion rule. I am slightly under 6'3" and I blame many of my cognitive issues on those low doors. The tray was nice.....if you avoid pot holes, lol.
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    Well don't know if its scary but , I dropped a 130 steel bar on my finger. Looked like it was filleted with a knife. On car finished my pick ups.
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    How could I forget about those low doors? Were your P400s like ours. Everyone of them had at least a half a dozen toggle switches and knobs that weren't connected to anything.
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    I don't remember the switches and knobs, but I know if you made a hard left turn with the bulkhead door open, it would slam with a force hard enough to take an arm off. Saw many close calls on ride-alongs, lol.
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    While driving a econline bubble top van on the highway while it was pouring down rain. I was in the passing lane going around a 18 wheeler and had another right behind me. The hood latch broke and the hood flew up at 60 mph and hit the windshield and it broke into a million pieces right in my face. I could not see since the hood was up, so I looked out the drivers side window at the ground and hit the emergency flashers and started to pump the breaks so the truck behind me would back off. I was shaking like a leaf when I finally pulled over. Called the center and they just brought out another truck and swapped the packages. Next day the pcm was about checking your hood latch as part of your pre trip.
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    1999. That would explain why UPS was so 'nice' to you. No chance in hell that would happen in 2013. Fired, you would be. Now, after a long time off, you would(probably) get your job back. But count on being off for a while, without the chance of back pay. That is the company and the union we have in 2013.
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    During peak last year a driver complained about the electric brake warning alarm going off in an old p1(very loud noise). They sup came out and gave the helper and him ear plugs. An hour later they were on a steep hill and as the driver put in the clutch to start the car the truck started rolling down the hill, the brake pedal just went to the floor. By the time he got it in gear and popped the clutch it was to late, it was moving to fast. They bounced right across a busy street at the bottom of the hill and over the embankment into a tree on the helpers side. The helper was in the hospital for a long time. Looking at the pictures I cant see how he survived. It was all over the news here.
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    Years ago while pulling an empty 40' trailer on a suddenly ice covered interstate, I was blown from the center lane to the right shoulder...not too big a deal but as I countersteered trying to get back on the roadway the entire unit flipped 180 and came to rest against the snow bank on the inside median...without a scratch. Now I'm headed southbound on the northbound side on a road that had about a dozen jacknifes in about a mile stretch. The CB came alive from onlookers asking how I did it? I was squeezing the wheel too hard to pick up the mike as I tiptoed home at about 20mph wondering why I left package car driving.