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    For all three of you Brown Cafe users out there who use SCBA in your job I have a question. I wear glasses for short sightedness and I remember in my training class and refresher course that UPS would pay for the spectacle inserts I would need to wear when using SCBA. I had given my supervisor my prescription over a year ago, and still have not received them. Every time I ask, I am given an excuse like, "I have sent your information in and have not heard back from so and so manager." I have not been adamant about it yet, since I had a supply of contact lenses to use while wearing the gear. But my supply has run out and I back to coming in always wearing glasses. My co-workers tell me that I will never receive them. A co-worker who gave his prescription five years ago has not received his either. To avoid a dispute with the boss, he goes without. However I feel that this may be unsafe for me to do. I don’t want to bring it to a safety grievance, but I feel that I may have to. Is there anyway you could suggest I could convince management to provide the prescription glasses, like sighting some law to them in a letter, or talking to someone in corporate? I know this is a tough one to answer, and goes to illustrate one of the many predicaments a Designated Responder is faced with at UPS.
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    I would go above the sups head directly to the manager. Tell him your sup has been giving you the run around for a year.
    Refuse to wear the SCBA. Obviously, this is a safety issue because you can't see well enough without the inserts.
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    Thanks overfive i agree. Do you think a safety grevience would resolve the situation too?