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  1. LVBrown1

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    Wondering if anyone can shed any light on a question. I originally
    worked for a hub in the east coast, and there were days that I was sent home due to no work as a full time driver, but was paid since they had no work for me.
    Now I am located in a hub on the west coast also a full time driver and when sent home due to no work I am being told that I do not get paid, they call it scheduled days off.....
    Can anyone tell me if this differs from coast to coast?
  2. RockyRogue

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    First question: were you a transfer or did you quit to go to the West Coast? That's just personal curiousity talking. My understanding is if you report, they have to pay you the 8 hour guarantee. The "scheduled days off" is when you put in for a day or days off. I could be wrong, though. I'm only a pissant pt'er. -Rocky
  3. LVBrown1

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    Lost everything and had to be re hired. The only good thing was that I only had 2 years in, so it was not to bad. Now have almost 3 years on the west coast.
    I was also told that if you reported that they had to pay 8 hours, but in the west coast they said that that is not the case? They are allowed to put it as a scheduled day off. I do not think that is correct, just wanted to see if anyone else knew anthing different.
  4. over9five

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    Are you the lowest seniority driver in the building? If you are NOT, obviously you would bump a lower man. If you ARE......then I'm not sure if they can send you home. Wouldn't that be a layoff?

    In any other case, if you report, you are guaranteed 8 hours pay.
  5. LVBrown1

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    Not the lowest in the hub, however could not bump due to 4 routes being used for training. Not able to bump those training. I am being told that they do not have to pay for the day, they can use scheduled day off instead. I do not think this is correct.
  6. GuyinBrown

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    You must be TOLD to report. In our center they keep about 25% of the guys at the bottom of the seniority list "on call" every day. If they show up without calling and there is no work for them, they go home without pay. That's how it works in our division anyway....
  7. local804

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    are you on the layoff or extra list?
  8. dei8

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    In our area, you get your 8 hours if you tell them that you want to work. If they dont have a route for you, then the usually use you anyway they can, like sweeping, or even just training and watching videos for the 8 hours. They ask you if you want to go home. If you say yes, then they dont pay you. If you say no, then they have to give you the 8 hours.
  9. brownrodster

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    I am in a hub on the west coast. If you report they pay you. However, the training guys have to call everyday and see if they are needed. If they are not needed then they are on unpaid layoff. If they know they will need to lay a bunch of drivers off they will tell them all to call in the morning. If not needed then unpaid layoff. If you show up you get paid.

    Read your contract and talk to your steward and or other union guys.

    You should be able to bump the training guys.
  10. 705red

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    At no time should a probationary employee work over a seniority driver, i think this is the argument you should make. However we do have drivers that want to go home and they then get coded scheduled off. Start asking around and im sure you will find a driver that wants to go home and do his route.
  11. Cole

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    There is "volunatry lay off" as well. There's never a problem finding someone to take the day off here, when the opportunity arises.
  12. LVBrown1

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    I am a full time driver without a route. I did not receive a call, and they ended up sending 8 people home. Told us no pay due to scheduled day off. East coast pays if no work and you go home. I thought scheduled days off were for us to request not them?
  13. Braveheart

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    It is all done by seniority. If you are told to report, it does not matter where you are on the seniority list, they owe you 8 hours of pay. If they tell you there is no work and after the fact you find out any lower seniority driver worked you get 8 hours of pay. In both cases you may have to file a grievance to get paid. You can't bump a driver in training off a training route over to a non training route but you damn sure can bump his ass on home so that you work first! And in his defense if he is told to come to work he gets paid too! You guys just got to stand up for yourselfs and not let them push you around. You have a contract and a union so use them.
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    AMEN!!!! BC
  15. 705red

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    File, file, file a grievance thats at least $200 out of your pocket. Get with your steward and have him file a group grievance for all 8 of you!
  16. GuyinBrown

    GuyinBrown Blah

    I don't think they're going to get paid unless they were either told to report when they called in that morning or they had a posted start time.
  17. 705red

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    Ok but dont you have the 10% rule? If 8 drivers got send home that means you have over 80 drivers, im in a huge building and we just barely have 80 drivers in one center.
  18. GuyinBrown

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    Not sure Red, I've never heard of that rule. Of course it's been quite a while since I've been worried about getting laid off too. Our center has about 90 drivers in it, it's one of the largest in the district. What is the 10% rule?
  19. 705red

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    Maybe its different here, but the top 90% are guaranteed 8 hours a day except for the week between xmas and new year, and unless the bottom 10% are laid off prior to reporting to work they to are guaranteed. We havent had law offs in package that i can remember (minus after strike 97), usually senior guys will go home so our swing cover guys work everyday.
  20. longlunchguy

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    if you aren't the junior guy, you have the right to drive. and if you are the junior guy, you STILL have the right to 8 hrs. but mgmt isn't going to find 8 hrs work for you unless you insist (and file greviances) on working 8. Here in Fla. thatmay mean working reload and sweeping out pkg cars. My point is, even if you are the lowest seniority driver, you are still entitled to work. You should only be laid off if you are also the lowest seniority person in your center. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO STAND UP AND INSIST ON YOUR 8. FILE IF YOU HAVE TO. If mgmt thinks you're going to greive it, they won't be so quick to just send you home.