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    Scott Walker, the posterboy for the right wing attack on labor unions has been formally recalled in Wisconsin. The organization responsible for obtaining signature collected more than a million votes to get the recall in action! Only a little over 500K was needed, but more than a million residents signed the petition.

    I hope Walker realizes that his 15 minutes of fame is about to come to a flaming end!

    This is just another sign that the Tea Party is DEAD.

    Walker in his own admission, has had to raise money from out of state to defend himself.

    GOODBYE SCOTT WALKER, you did your part for the right wing, now they will disown you and leave you by the side of the road.

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    Oh, and they raised the $9 million they need for the recall election....this morning they only had $300,000.00. What're they doin', selling Twinkies??
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    Wrong, they only raised 5 million, and half of that came from out of state. Walker said so himself today. Gonna need alot more than that in a losing effort!


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    Don't get too doesn't mean he'll get pulled out of office.

    "Recall gives voters the right to reconsider their choice of an elected official; however, it does not automatically result in removal of an official from office. It provides an opportunity for voters to require an elected official to run for office again before the expiration of his or her term."
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    The election is estimated to cost state taxpayers $9 million. Legal challenges, primaries and disputes over redistricting among other factors could stagger that and increase the cost.

    As a result, Wittenwyler said he doesn't expect Wisconsin voters to be able to cast a ballot in the recall elections before summer. That will push the recall just months away from the November general election. That means even if the balance of power is overturned in the state Senate, it can be flipped again before the Legislature comes back into session.

    Read more: Siege Mentality Grips Wisconsin As Organizers Submit Recall Petitions | Fox News
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    I hope it happens. I can't stand these punks who don't what my children to live a good middle class life.
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    DUH. Here's a little clue moreluck. The recall only needed 25% of the original votes that Scott Walker recieved when he took office. With this recall notice, he recieved over 1 million signature to recall him. 25% would have been roughly 530K.

    DOUBLE THAT signed the petition to force a recall vote. HE will be out and the PEOPLE will see to it.

    Hold your breath moreluck on a Walker Victory, do us that favor.

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    For schitts and giggles I looked up the election vote totals and you might look again at the percentages you are using. I think you vastly short changed yourself.
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    Anyways, if TOS isn't right with his prediction, that Walker must take the walk, then you don't have democracy in the USA !
    If Moreluck is right - she will be happy to live in a nice dictatorship of a country.

    Which I would compare with that of Putin in Russia !
    Hopefully the Wisconsiners will demostrate like they did in Moscow if it comes down to that.
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    They had to have more than 540,028 signatures to force a recall election. They certainly got their wish.
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    Lets hope they can put up a good candidate to run against walker.
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    That might be a challenge, zer0bama isn't available
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    GRANT, Mich. – Ever wonder what it costs to quit a labor union?
    For one Michigan educator, the annual costs of “non-membership” in the local, state and national teacher unions total $544.28.

    But Andrew Buikema, 10-year teacher with Grant Public Schools, is willing to pay the price, just for the privilege of being seen as a true professional, instead of a union worker.
    Michigan is not a “right to work” state, which means Buikema’s job is still affected by the district’s contract with the local teachers union, the Grant Education Association. The GEA is affiliated with the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association.
    Buikema has been trying to leave the union since last spring, when he realized that GEA leaders were uninterested in helping the district control costs, even in the face of a multi-million dollar deficit.
    By refusing to make wage and benefit concessions, the union contributed to conditions that led to 27 teachers – including Buikema – receiving layoff notices. The district was also forced into making cuts to student academic and extracurricular programs.
    Buikema’s job was saved at the last minute, but he was disgusted by the union’s selfishness.
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    Oh yeah, tell him to leave the benefits like tenure, Pension, wage progression and job security on the desk on the way out!

    SELLOUT FOR TV TIME ON FOXED SPEWS! BOY OH BOY, what a hero! His job is saved and he blames the UNION? Instead of Scott Walker? Someone needs to pull his head out of the brown hole!

    Sounds like a few union workers on this board.

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    How is your reading comprehension? That was a win for Walker.
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    He does that often. My guess is that he hopes nobody reads his links.
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    And 728ups liked it too. Two peas in a

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    I like creating my own realities as well.