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  1. rocket man

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    120 sears and kmarts due to close , whats next?
  2. brett636

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    That chain has been in decline for sometime. The worst thing to ever happen to Sears was getting bought out by kmart. All they have done since is close stores left and right, and while some probably needed to be closed I imagine their business plan is partly to blame.
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    My Sear's Essentials store has a sign that it's going back to K-Mart. It used to be a K-Mart. It's like, make up your mind already!
  5. kingOFchester

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    K-mart and Wal-mart = UPS and Fedex??????

    Lets hope not anyway......
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  6. UPSGUY72

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    The same thing is happening with Old Navy.
  7. Anonymous 10

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    FedEx kincos
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    Did Sears Kmart buy Sears or Sears buy Kmart? I do remember at the time alot of people scratching their heads at the move since they were two relatively week companies.
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    When the hell are we going to be able to like our own posts??????
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    When the prozac/lithium cocktail takes effect.
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    Where does one find one of those? Not that I would partake in anything if that nature, but I was just curious. Yeah, yeah, that's it!
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    See thread posting under another name...
  14. So now we have Wal-Mart and Target...
  15. Cementups

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    Kmart bought Sears.
  16. menotyou

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    Don't get me started on that Lands End acquisition.........
  17. DS

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    Personally,I find it scary that it's come down to this.Here in Canada I can remember lots of discount stores that are defunct now.
    kmart.kresges towers,and woolco,which was bought out by walmart years ago.We have another sell out in the works,zellers is being replaced with target.
    95% of all the crap is made in China. My first thought is to stop buying from walmart,but it's beyond that.
    Example...the I-phone ....this is interesting,,,
    Why isn't the iPhone made in America? | Prestowitz
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    Oh , a smartass huh? yuk yuk yuk
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    Its all George Bush's fault
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    Auld Lang Syne,

    Sears was the internet, of the 1800's.
    They perfected the model of home shopping with the support of the Postal System.
    Sadly, neither business model could adapt to the future.
    Quick overview of the impact/history of Sears;
    History of the Sears Catalog