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    I’m looking to find out any info or insight to a seasonal driver (not helper)in Eagan, MN
    How are your days?
    Do they make it almost impossible to finish your route (area) & if yourroute is different from day to day, week to week as a seasonal driver?
    I understand its physical and fast paced, but I think I’m more nervous aboutnot knowing the area I'm supposed to be making deliveries in, thus making myday never ending & a total catastrophe.
    Any positive or negative thoughts would be appreciated. The area I would beassigned to is Eagan, MN if their are any drivers from that area with some information Id appreciate it.


  2. rod

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    Everyone is lost for awhile but it will all fall into place. Don't panic-don't speed- don't do anything unsafe. Make sure you have your centers phone number so you can call for help if needed (more than likely there won't be any help available). COVER YOUR OWN :censored2:. Expect to work long hours--its never been an 8 to 5 kind of job. Now go have a fun summer.
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    Thanks for the input. Do you happen to know if you can claim unemployment when they let you go at the end of the season? From what I hear there almost not going to keep you as a full time driver once the season is over.
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    It is a temp job. You cannot claim unemployment in Mn when a temp job ends.
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    Ok. Thanks again for the input.
  6. rod

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    It wouldn't hurt to go to the employment office and ask about your situation. I've heard of people combining 2 or 3 jobs they have had during the year to get enough work history and hours to qualify for unemployment. From what I have seen collecting unemployment checks has become a "career" for some people now days.
  7. menotyou

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    What the heck is going on with that? I collected it once. The summer of the OJ trial. I lasted as long as the trial. No extensions.