Seasonal driver pay rate?

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    Just a quick question. Im a part-time preoader, and my rate of pay is higher than the starting rate for a Seasonal Driver. I was thinking I would keep the higher rate of pay, but the center manager is telling me that he looked into it and I would be getting the seasonal driver rate. Doesnt sound right to me.
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    Different classification--center manager is right.
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    Where in the contract does it talk about Seasonal drivers? Want to see where they are in a different classification. In my contract book in Article 12 under Hours of Work section 3, it states that "When a full-time or part-time employee is assigned to a lower rated job, he/she shall be compensated at his/her regular rate of pay. When an employee exercises his/her seniority in order to take a lower rated job rather than be laid off, he/she shall receive the lower rate of pay."

    Is this applicable?
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    Im also an Saturday Air Driver. Since i started this Seasonal job the are paying the Seasonal rate on Saturday too. I thought I would get my Air driver rate for Air work? This sucks!! Im startin to regret this Seasonal job!! Im losin money!
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    Different classification. I get a pay cut doing the seasonal and they use it to screw me from getting my cover driver raise as well. If you run Air route only for the day then you should be getting your air rate for that day. Make sure your not putting in the seasonal code in your diad on those days. Put in your AIR Class code and sub group for air. Also make sure to insist on your air pay with management. If it's an air day then they need to class you under air pay.

    Sucks about pay cut. I know it well but at least your not juggling 2 jobs during seasonal. This crap needs addressed though on next contract. Pay should differ inside employee verses outside seasonal. And they shouldn't be able to substitute my Cover driver class and use me instead as a Seasonal driver. It's BULL but union says it flies. They also turned me around to go home thursday so they can use me for Saturday air cause they don't want to hire enough air drivers to cover their rear. I wouldn't have enough available hours otherwise. 530 a.m. Saturday, just love this place.

    I hate early morning air with no plan and overstretched with air. I do Seasonal to avoid juggling 2 jobs and early mornings. Also avoid working Saturdays but that's not working out now. I like running ground routes and would rather do that. If you run over a little on a ground route is liveable, but don't be 1 minute over 1030 with air route or your gonna deal with a big issue and fighting write ups.

    Our air dept is really screwed and spread but they want more with less. I don't want any part of it.
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    Thanks for the info. Im waitin to get my check this week to see if everything is straightened out. If not im gonna have to file on it. What do u mean you are juggling two jobs? Do you work one of the sorts and do Seasonal?
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    Seasonal driver wage here in Florida is 8.50$ an hour, wow!
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    You sure thats not the part-time tate?
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    I wouldn't do Seasonal Driver for that pay rate or Tate!! Like us Italians always say.........Forgeeeeet abouuuut ittt!!!