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    ok.. i went for an interview yesterday. about halfway through her speel, she sneaked in that you must pay 1000 for some kind of union thing. i belive she said it was some sort of initiaton fee. that will be taken out in 100 each week. i asked what i received for payng this money and her answer was. "you might get some health benefits after the season is over (if you worked nough hrs')" and this money will go to your cost if you every were to become a full time empoyee. she took exception to me questioning this "rape" as she was talking to 10 other people, while at the same time trying to talk them out of the job.

    with the hr rate @16 paying this extra 100..brings it down to around 12.oo hr. after uncle sam... it comes out to roughly $8.50 hr

    all i could think of when hearing this bunch of crap is that 80's comedy movie w/ john candy and eugene levy, where they played security guards working for a corrupt union. and if you quesrioned anything you went on nuclear waste duty

    outrageous, that temp workers have to pay union monies and get NOTHING for it.. 5 days and get paid for 4

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    i don't know who you talked to but that's not true at all with local 728. being part of a union is a choice, you don't have to be in it. did u talk to a union representative or an employee paid by UPS to con u?
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    i don't think she knew what she was talking about, she said that she was new, and i got the feeling she was just agreeing w/ some things i said/asked becuse she didn't for being conned, how commonplace is that? do they invite people to interviews to con them?
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    i did a poopy? You must be Brownmonsters wee little brother!
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    i have no idea what that means,..but if he likes to stick it to the man, or big brown,..he's top-top in my book

    armed and dangerous

    A fired cop and useless lawyer sign up as security guards and find they've joined a corrupt union.