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    A new member by the name of "Brownisaround" posted this in the newbie's section. It has been my observation that this section of Browncafe doesn't get many views so I copied his post and pasted it here.

    It seems that he has a deadline to make a decision so I didn't want it to languish there for a few days.

    Here is his post:

    Hey all

    Just wanted to say hello and of course I have the ton of questions. I looked through the forums for a lot of answers but also wanted to put a few here as well so...
    First off thanks for any replies. I know we are all busy so I appreciate it.

    I recently applied to UPS, went to the first meeting, received a call asking me if I would like to work for UPS and have a driving test scheduled. The position I applied for was Seasonal full time driver. I've been in another profession for twenty years and have been eyeing positions at UPS for awhile. I always work hard and keep my head down. It would seem I am looking for a change so I've started on this path. I would like it to be paermanent but if I understand correctly the seasonal driver position ends after the holidays and the likelihood of being called for a permanent full time job is very very unlikely?

    Also being seasonal full time will I actually get full time hours? What are the chances of overtime?

    I assume that I will have to buy my own health benefits as I have read that seasonal workers do not get them until a year has passed? Are you able to purchase them through UPS at any reduced rate?

    I have also seen two different rates of pay for the week long training-any clarification would be great.

    I was told the postion starts Oct 1.

    I live in the RI area and would like very much to be able to go full time but I assume that there must be a huge waiting list so I am weighing the facts that I know so far. I have other jobs available now that are year round and pay a decent salary with benefits however I very much would like to go the UPS route. I have three years of college as well and while not a spring chicken (under40) any more I am in very good shape, understand putting in a day w/UPS will be a long hard day but I welcome that.

    Any input would be great and my apologies for the many questions that are redundant.
    The position starts Oct 1.
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    I think I can tackle the health benefits issue with confidence.

    I don't think you can purchase healthcare benefits through ups at any rate as a seasonal driver and you are correct in your assertation that you won't get them as a seasonal driver.

    Most of the other questions I could probably answer but not with the specificity that others can.
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    first of all, ups DOES hire drivers off the street. every 6th or 7th driver they hire will be "off the street" which means not currently working there part time. in my region that person must have a 4-year degree. once you start your seasonal driving position you are "on call" meaning you have to call in every morning asking if you are needed. you could go without working for a week or more at a time. if you are needed you will more than likely get overtime that day. i went january-march my first year working only a handful of days.
    the good news is that you gain good experience that could help you with other opportunities. btw the week long training program pays 14-15 bucks an hour
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    Back in 81 I was hired for peak. I also was working a F/T job for 7 yrs and stuck my neck out to try it. My doctor gave me a note to be out of work while I tried it. After peak I went back to my job. The following Sept. I was called back and I did the same thing however when Ups called my employer telling them they were considering me for full time I was busted and fired. I did not finish H/S and never worked P/T. After peak they kept me and on 1-08 I retired so it can be done. My take on my gamble was that I would never make as much $$, as I did not graduate, and I was tired of working 2 jobs to make as much as I did while a driver.. I was 30 at the time and I wonder after 20 yrs someplace else what took you so long to figure out what you wanted to do if you are later in life than me when I tried it.