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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Sean1992, Jun 2, 2014.

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    Hello everyone, I've worked for the company 4 years, Last year I was a seasonal driver and continued to drive Saturday until march 2014 then I was told I can't drive Saturday anymore. Do I have any rights? When is the cut off for "seasonal drivers" to be "permanent" Saturday drivers?
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    Sat Air is seasonal work. In my area Sat Air done by FT Air driver that usually work T-S and PT employees that sign a Sat Air drivers list that do so by seniority.

    Since your a PT employee your not considered a seasonal employee so that language will not apply to you. Read your supplement especially parts about PTimers working as drivers and Sat Air drivers during peak.

    As always ask your shop steward they should be able to help you.

    Your probably not Driving Sat Air because some other PT with more seniority than you complained they should have the opportunity as you just sign up to help during peak, a change in Sat Air volume, or just a change in FT Air Driver schedule...
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    All of our Saturday drivers our PT who work either the preload or one of the hub sorts. If we can't fill enough spots it goes to Art 22.3 air drivers and then FT package car drivers at OT for all hours worked. In my building Saturday is considered extra work and is offered by seniority.
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    Here, Saturday Air work goes to Air drivers first, then regular Package Car drivers (who have hours left, of course) by seniority. If you are a seasonal driver here, by definition you are not in either category (even if you were an Air driver before signing up for seasonal) & not entitled to drive Saturdays. Every once in a while the Co. tries to use seasonals, & the top seniority regular Package drivers get paid for work done by seasonals.
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    Ok thanks, shop steward is already looking into it. The reason I asked is they asked me to start driving Saturday again and it's only been 3 months since I last drove Saturday. Is there a cut off date for "peak" I drove Saturday till march. I was hoping my senority date would go back to when I first started driving Saturdays