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    Right now I am currently an air driver. I have been on my own for about a month or so. I signed up for seasonal and I am going to the Obetz facility near Columbus for training. Now this isn't one of the intergrad facilities. So what should I expect. I already know the depth of knowledge from air training. Will this just be more in depth? Should I expect another road test even though I've done all this before?? Thanks
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    You could try doing a search and reading the responses to others that posted pretty much the exact same thing.
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    Obetz is about a 40 year old building. Training there should be old style with a sup teaching you. I don't know who would train you but just hope you have a full time on car sup that has at least a vague idea how things work in the real world vs a part time sup who only knows what he has read on a computer. If you know DOK already that is a good start but you will need to memorize a lot more similar things. The 5 seeing habits is the most important thing to know in my opinion but UPS constantly adds new stupid acronyms to memorize and its just something you have to learn to live with, especially when you are still training.
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    Yea I have done some searches. But everything I found was on intergrad. That's why I included in my post Obetz. Hoping somebody has actually been to the training in Obetz.
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    I don't know of anyone at Obetz that ever went to intergrad. And I am not sure exactly how they train now but it should be mostly on road with you memorizing things to spout back at them.
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    So basically I will be going over the same things I did in my 2 day (total 8hr) air driver training?(computer diad and safety training) Just more detailed and some on road training? I'm not worried about 5 seeing habits or 10 point since I already had to memorize that for air driving.
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    Anybody else with helpful information. Being they trained at Obetz or know anybody who has. Will this be as strict as intergrad
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