Seasonal driver wants to transfer.

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    I have worked the pre-load for two years. This year I drove a seasonal route. Now, I want to transfer to a different town and become a driver. I did good at peak, and I was told that I would get a chance at my own route.I dont want a route in this part of the state. What should I do ?

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    Quit and try to get re-hired. I thought pt could only transfer for school. Don't see how you can transfer to another center and maybe jump in front of other people waiting for a driving job. Why not stay where you are?
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    Your a PTimer unless your out west you can only transfer if your going to school in that area you want to transfer to. If you do transfer it doesn't mean your going to get a FT drivers job any sooner. You would keep your company seniority but I would believe that building seniority and bidding rights would send you to the bottom of the list.
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    Good luck with all that.
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    Sorry, but since you're a PTer, you'll need to go through the bidding process for a chance to go FT.

    You're drinking the Kool-Aid. Management regularly tells inside seasonal guys that they'll pull some strings to get them FT, provided their performance continues to excel. Sorry, but they can't. Don't fall for this, or similiar lines such as 'we'll have you quit and then rehire you as an outsider.' It doesn't work. Ask one of the many dozen Preloaders or so I work with.=
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    You can only transfer as a PT'er if you're enrolled in a university near the hub you transfer to. Additionally, your seniority is end-tailed for bidding/vacation selection/etc. purposes. FT drivers can only transfer if their routes are cut and they are following their work.

    Good luck.