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  1. Confused365

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    I was a seasonal driver who was offered a PT preload position which I took. Got great reviews from management about my driving & delivering . Problem is that I have full time bills and they seem to not want to let me off early to gain a full time job which I have many offers on the table. But I know this is a great company to work for and it will be greater later but (sheesh) any input on the matter from those that been through this would be helpful?
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    If you have better offers then take one and quit
  3. Confused365

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    Not really better than going Full time driving. Really there just position for the now. Not retirement possibilities
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    Work multiple part time jobs? A lot of the guys in my building work at least one other job, sometimes two. A couple have full-time jobs on the side, as well...
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    They will hire you for seasonal again in the summer.
    You must have a late preload. Our guys are done before 8
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    I unload trucks I'm done usually by 7:30 but all the jobs I am being offered and have experience in are reporting to work by 7 am it's frustrating. I know I am in the running for a position the last Reg Temp just went back 2 weeks ago a lot of drivers are starting feeder training this mth trying to stick it out cause everyone saying I'm next up just the waiting game is crazy
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    Have you tried going to a temp agency seeking day labor jobs that fit your schedule and are "by the day" until you make pkg car permanently?

    Some income is better than none.
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  9. Number24

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    Our preload's done before 9