seasonal driver. ?.

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    If you get hired as seasonal driver What are the chances of becoming a regular driver after pik. ?
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  3. What's a pik?
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    I'm going back to NF2.
  5. This might be more fun.
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    In short, not good at all, start as a package handler, work your way up. Goodluck.
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    I am not a complete butt all the time
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    This poor guy wants to know what his chances are to become permanent after the first of the year. Seen too many posts like this. HR fills them with all sorts BS and they don't believe the truth that they are gone after peak. Later the temps will tell us old grizzled vets what losers we are and their on road is going to put a good word for them to become permanent. I've seen this movie too many times. I'll stick to f*rt jokes in NF2.
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    There will be plenty of ones who won't listen. Have to pace myself
  15. [​IMG]
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  17. Glad I stayed on after pik
  18. Big Arrow Down...D

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    This guy gotta be spanish...
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  19. Maybe he pik his nose?
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    I have done exhaustive research on this very subject, if you working in a center that is short on drivers then you have as high as 37.3% of staying on, however, if you center does not need any the percentage drops to about 2.1%. So your chances range from about 2-37%.
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