Seasonal Drivers

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Johnnyjet, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Johnnyjet

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    Do they have any shot at becoming full time? Since driver positions are all based on senority I would think that it would be difficult. Am I correct?
  2. Raw

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    Yes. Yes.
  3. brown_trousers

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    Is that really true? they can bypass our whole seniority system? Doesn't seem fair to those of us waiting on the pt to ft driving list
  4. Raw

    Raw Raw Member

    yes. yes.
  5. pickup

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    Yes a seasonal driver has a chance at becoming fulltime. However, there are a few obstacles. One being that they is a number of inside people that the company has to hire first. Where I am at, that is a 5 to 1 ratio . What means is that 5 people have to be hired from within the company before they hire an outside driver(off the street) for a full time driving job.

    The other obstacles are part and parcel of the first obstacle. If a seasonal driver is at a small hub or center , the chances of all 6 new positions being available diminish in proportion to the small of the hub or center. If only 5 are hired, the off the street seasonal driver isn't getting any consideration. Also keep in mind, that anything that lowers package volume such as a declining economy or other factors such as increasingly cutting routes and putting the work of two drivers onto the truck of one driver means less chance of hiring past the fifth position.

    Another potential glitch is that the outside hire slot can go to someone in management who wishes to become a driver.

    That much being said, seasonal drivers have made the jump to fulltime but even then, most (from my observations) are still let go in January and come back later in the year after the fifth slot is filled.