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    I was hired as a seasonal preloader. I had an interview then an orientation. The orientation included the training videos/quizzes and all the paperwork. At the end of the orientation the three of us trainees left one by one after filling out the paperwork. She told the girl before me that she'd get a call over the weekend to start Monday (today), then told me I'd get a call Monday (today) to start Tuesday. I didn't receive a call yet today. When do they usually call preloaders to let them know they're working the next day? I was told by a past employee (10 years ago) that if my shift starts at 3am I may not get a call untill 1am, is this true? And, should I be suspiscious about starting a day later than the other trainee?
    Thanks for any of your advice!
  2. DS

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    Every hub is different,be patient .
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    Ha, I'm trying to be patient. I've been out of work for a few months so I have alot of extra time, just waiting. Do you think it would help to call them? I don't have their # but I could find it I'm sure. I know some places wait for a new hire to call to indicate how interested they really are, but this places seemed like they had enough on their hands already with out extra phone calls coming in.
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    DS is right every hub is different. For example, I have to call every morning about an hour before the shift starts to see if I'm needed or not. It just depends on how many trucks they will have to unload and how many people are off that day, call in, etc. I know it's hard but wait it out and you'll be in there before you know it.