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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DougH, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. DougH

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    What are the dates when you are considered a seasonal instead of permanent?
  2. Alligator

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    Pretty sure when you apply for the job, it will say "seasonal package handler" (or seasonal driver) if it is seasonal.
  3. Mugarolla

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    Varies by supplement. For the most part, it is November 1 thru December 31. I believe the Central Region extended it to the Friday of the second full week of January.
  4. ChickenLegs

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    The retention for PTers is near 0% --- so you could say they're all seasonal
  5. barnyard

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    That would be a good question to ask when you are interviewed.
  6. tincupjr

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    I've been told I am coming in as Seasonal due to contract and timing beginning this coming Monday. I've never worked a seasonal job in my life, always permanent. I have also been told that when seasonals are let go at the end of December, the good ones are called back in January as permanent. Can anyone attest to this? If so, how can one make themselves good or great to be called back?

    I do not like the prospect of being without a job. I want to work and care for my family. How would you approach this situation?

  7. Alligator

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    I was hired as seasonal to start out with. (Jumping) The drivers I rode with all gave me a good recommendation to the supervisors/HR people. I also emailed the HR person (guy I had the interview with) to tell him I was interested in working a permanent position with ups. I was called and hired as soon as peak was over.
    Work hard and let it be known that you would like to remain employed after seasonal work is over.
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    ^that was directed at tincupjr
  9. Man Of Brown

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    Here seasonal is Oct 1st and later. Your odds of being a seasonal driver and getting a permanent position in January
    are slim. But ask the sup where they are with their 1:6. I drove peak last year and then an outside position came open in August and I got it.

    Seasonal handler is a different ball game I'm sure. Work hard and there will eventually be a spot.